In my space opera book, there will be a weapon that is capable of wiping out entire fleets. Such a weapon could win a space battle by itself. You could assemble the largest and most powerful armada in existence and this weapon will still turn it into space dust. What would you do if you encountered such a weapon? This weapon will be one of the main obstacles the main characters will face and it will play a larger role in the series.


I have been reading the latest chapters of My Hero Academia and I was overwhelmed by Tomura Shigaraki’ transformation as a supervillain. In his most recent battle, Shigaraki managed to free himself of all restrictions and as a result reached his full power. Earlier in the series, Shigaraki’s decaying powers were able to disintegrate whatever he touched. Sometimes his target would be an opponent’s arm and as he progressed he was able to disintegrate a whole person instantly. Now, Shigaraki’s decaying powers have reached apocalyptic levels to the point in which he could destroy an entire city with a single touch and whatever attacks are used against him are disintegrated as well. He now has unstoppable attacks and impenetrable defenses. Not only did Shigaraki win his battle, but he also acquired an army of over a hundred thousand loyal followers. Not only has Shigaraki’s power been increased and his spirit freed of all moral restrictions, but he acquired a sense of charisma that he previously lacked. As a result, some of his new minions used to work for his master All For One and now they are working for Shigaraki. In a single battle, Shigaraki reached his full potential as a supervillain, gained a massive army, and wields more resources and influence than the entire superhero community. He has become the single greatest threat to both superheroes and society as a whole since All For One at his height. To make matters worse, Shigaraki is currently undergoing a form of surgery that will make him even more powerful; possibly stronger than All For One! I watched Shigaraki destroy an entire city with a single touch so it is terrifying to think how he could become stronger than even that! It is official; Tomura Shigaraki is on his way to become a Thanos-level supervillain. I look forward to seeing Shigaraki complete his transformation when he finishes his surgery. Even though Izuku Midoriya is destined to fight Shigaraki, he currently doesn’t stand a chance against Shigaraki even without the surgery. It is going to be interesting to see how Midoriya will close the power gap between them.


For my third fantasy book, I am thinking of presenting the creation of an urban legend. This urban legend will revolve around a mysterious individual who is seen wandering through the streets of the capital. Wherever this shadowy figure goes, children with magical powers appear. The peasants believe this figure to be a messenger of the gods while the nobles believe the figure to be a random nobleman visiting every brothel in the city. Whatever the case, this figure’s appearances and the emergence of children with magic creates an urban legend. In the aftermath of this urban legend and the events that inspire it, magic will once again rise to prominence from the shadows of obscurity.


It has come to my attention that empires are forged in the fires of conquest and built on the backs of subjugated nations. If an empire gets complacent with what it has under its thumb, its armies will get soft and its resources won’t grow. Sooner or later, an empire will seek out new territories to conquer. It is inevitable that an empire will desire more land and people subservient to them. Gradaia has been an empire for over 1,300 years so it is long overdue to expand itself. With this in mind, I will introduce another continent in my fantasy world across the sea from the Gradaian Empire. This continent will not be another empire. Instead, it will be a collection of eleven independent kingdoms that constantly engaged in both war and politics with one another. I am thinking of basing the Gradaian Empire’s first interaction with these kingdoms to when Christopher Columbus discovered America. I will also be basing the conflict to come after the Hundred Years War where England battled France for the French throne.