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Allow me to give you a little overview of the setting of my new space opera book, Cosmic Genten, now that it is out. The story takes place in the year 3789 A.D. where humanity has colonized most of known space. Since space travel was invented, there were several technological innovations over the years. For instance, there are robots working in every household and business. Another example involves terraforming, which is how humanity was able to colonize so many planets. A third example involves vaccinations that allow colonists to survive deep space travel. The vaccinations came with a couple of side effects. Even though they survived deep space travel, some of the colonists underwent several mutations that turn them into humanoid beings that range from being reptilian, bird-like, and so on. Another side effect of the vaccinations results in ten percent of the population developing psychic powers. Over time, these psychics get conscripted into a military law enforcement program known as the Bushi. The word “Bushi” is Japanese for “warrior” and refers to samurai who follow the code of bushido. Eventually, some Bushi refuse to become tools of the government and desert in order to become warlords in the criminal underworld. These rogue Bushi are referred to as Ronin, which refers to samurai who have no master. Eventually, the Ronin unite with ambitions to conquer known space and so they go to war with the interstellar government known as the Consulate. Now, the story of Cosmic Genten revolves around a battle over a strategically important star system. As this battle commences, all kinds of characters will be fighting over this star system from pirates, smugglers, militia, psychic warriors, robots, and even civilians.


I have reached the twenty-fourth chapter of my space opera book. I am almost finished writing the story and I have reached the 130 page marker. Now, we see the full aftermath of the brutal battle. On the villains’s side, we get to see the full extent of their endgame. On the heroes’ side, we get to see their next course of action. Overall, it is going to set the stage for future stories in the series.


I have reached the twenty-third chapter of my space opera book and I am roughly three quarters of the way done with the whole book. I estimate that I could finish writing by next month. When that happens, I will go over the manuscript to see if there is anything that can be added. I have reached the section of the story where the aftermath of the battle starts to fall into place. The main characters are in a race against time and one of the fleets is in disarray. Overall, this chapter will be an adrenaline-filled thrill ride.


I have started the twenty-second chapter of my space opera book. I have so far written twelve pages in a single day. This is where things will get even grittier. The battle is over, but a race against time is about to begin. Great sacrifices have been made throughout this battle and a number of characters paid the price while fighting a determined enemy. Now, the aftermath of the battle is about to unfold.


I have reached the twentieth chapter of my space opera book and I am turning up the heat! The epic battle is still going and some unexpected twists and turns will happen. For example, a third fleet will appear in the space battle, but I will not say which side they are on. There will also be a fight between some of the main characters and one of the main villains. Overall, this chapter will be one of the most exciting sections in the whole book.