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For decades, the Joker has been one of the most iconic supervillains of all time. However, to quote Prometheus, “A king has his reign and then he dies. it is inevitable.” Due to this, I wonder if the day will ever come when someone somewhere comes up with a supervillain who rivals the Clown Prince of Crime in terms of infamy. If such a character could be created, what traits would they have to be on the Joker’s level.¬†Please share your thoughts.



As a superhero fanatic and writer, I have always been bothered by the most troublesome riddle: How do you punish the Punisher? The Punisher has been judge, jury, and executioner to any criminal he hunts, but in the end is it even possible to punish the embodiment of punishment? I got my answer when I read a Runaways comic in which the Punisher got his butt kicked by Molly Hayes, who was an eleven year old girl with superhuman strength. No matter how you look at it, nothing would be more humiliating for a macho man like the Punisher than having his butt handed to him by a little girl. What do you think? Is there a better punishment for the Punisher or is this it?



After much planning and negotiation, I am finally pushing forward my long-awaited graphic novel project. It will be an adaptation of my first book, The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell. I have never done such a project before in my writing career, but I can imagine that it is even more lengthy than writing a normal book. Fortunately, the artist I am working with is enthusiastic about future developments. I will keep you updated on what is to come and wish me luck!



I have just read the first four volumes of DC Comics’ New 52 Earth 2 storyline and I am enjoying the series so far. It depicts how one generation of superheroes (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman) sacrificed themselves to save the world. Then their mantle is taken by a new generation of superheroes. I have witnessed the reimagined origin stories of classical superheroes such as The Flash/Jay Garrick, Green Lantern/Alan Scott, Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders, and Doctor Fate among many others. In addition to presenting new versions of some of the classic heroes, Earth 2 also presented different versions of other heroes. For example, Red Tornado was Lois Lane instead of John Smith and Batman was Thomas Wayne instead of Bruce Wayne. Thomas Wayne, in particular, reminded me of the Flashpoint comics and proved to be a darker and more brutal Batman than his son Bruce Wayne ever was. Overall, this is proving to be a very interesting read and I would recommend it to anyone enjoys DC Comics and the general superhero genre.



I have just finished reading volume 2 of Earth 2 and I was thrilled to witness the reimagined origin story of my all-time favorite magical superhero: DOCTOR FATE!!! I always loved to see the good doctor work his magic against supervillains, but the New 52 Earth 2 storyline depicted his magic on a whole other level. Also the New 52¬†Doctor Fate is not Kent Nelson like the traditional comics. Instead, this Doctor Fate is Kent Nelson’s grandson, Khalid Ben-Hassin. As a result of his exposure to the Helmet of Fate’s magic, Khalid has psychological issues because since magic always comes with a price the price of using Doctor Fate’s magic was his sanity. In a way, I can relate to this due to my issues with having autism. We both strive to overcome them in order to make ourselves greater. Overall, I enjoyed this new version of Doctor Fate and look forward to seeing what other spells he has up his sleeve.



After reading the New 52 Earth 2 storyline, I enjoyed this reimagining of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Unlike the Green Lantern Corps of Oa, who power their rings through a battery, Alan Scott’s ring is powered by planet Earth herself. This version of Alan Scott is interesting because he lost his lover before acquiring his powers and even though he was dealing with a great deal of grief he still possessed the drive and determination to save the world. At one point, Scott was tempted by a supervillain to be reunited with his lost lover, but ultimately resisted the supervillain’s manipulations and saved the day. Also, it looks like Scott’s ring will lose its power if he moves too far away from the planet while the Green Lantern Corps have to constantly recharge their rings through their batteries. I look forward to reading more of his adventures as a superhero and defender of planet Earth.



After reading finishing reading the first volume of Earth 2, I am pleased with these new versions of the classical superheroes. One of these heroes was The Flash aka Jay Garrick. This version of Jay Garrick was relatable because he started out as someone who seemed to not have a future until he literally received a gift from the gods: The Speed Force! I liked how even though Jay was the fastest man alive that he was having difficulty controlling his powers; specifically how to brake after moving super-fast. In combat situations, Jay was inexperienced, but after getting the hang of it he was able to briefly knock out someone as big and powerful as The Atom aka Al Pratt. Despite being filled with fear in the face of a seemingly unstoppable enemy, Jay stood his ground alongside fellow heroes and ultimately prevailed.



As a superhero fanatic, I am always open to new readings of the genre. Today, I have started reading the first six volumes of Earth 2 from DC Comics’ New 52 storyline. Already I am seeing interesting reimagining of some of the classical superheroes such as The Flash/Jay Garrick, Green Lantern/Alan Scott, and Doctor Fate. I have only just started reading the storyline and I am immediately hooked as I walk through the labyrinth of the DC multiverse. I will keep you updated on any further developments regarding this reading.


Just like with everything else, the tradition of the superhero is bound by generations. When one team of superheroes fades, another rises to take their mantle. For example, in some versions of the DC Comics multiverse, after the Justice Society of America was eventually replaced by the Justice League. In Watchmen, after the Minutemen either retired or died, the Crimebusters rose to take their place before being forced into retirement themselves. There are many other examples of this in superhero lore. For my superhero universe, I am thinking of following this tradition by having another generation of superheroes take up the Young Guardians’ mantle when their time is up. This idea will manifest in my sequel spin-off story, which will take place more than five thousand years after the Young Guardians’ time. It will be a drastically different world with different rules, but the legacy of the superhero will live on as it always has.



As a fan of Attack on Titan, I have been keeping tabs on the latest chapters of the manga with keen interest. In the latest 86th chapter, we finally received much needed answers to the story’s greatest mysteries and I was thrilled by what I had learned. Effectively, the revelations in this chapter are complete game changers as it revealed the world outside of the Walls, the origins of the Titans, and the possible motivations for the antagonists Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and the mysterious organization they are working for. Overall, ignorance was bliss for the people inside the Walls because the outside world is far larger and more complicated than they ever could have imagined. I look forward to seeing what new revelations will come in future chapters now that these secrets have been released.