This is the pose my writing assistant, Fitch, took when I started the second chapter of my new short story.  Surprisingly, while I was writing and saw Fitch sitting in the little dog bed with the innocence in his eyes, I came up with another idea for a future work.  Because Fitch is so precious to me, I was thinking that sometime after the fifth volume, the Young Guardians would have children of their own and those children would eventually take up their parents’ mantle and follow in their footsteps.  I am still working on the circumstances that will revolve around this sequel story, but based on what I have so far, I believe it will be a good theme that would depict the long-term aftermath of volume five.  The fact that I gathered this much inspiration from Fitch’s constant habit of being adorable is further evidence that he is a worthy writing assistant and I look forward to the next idea he will provide.


3 thoughts on “FITCH’S CONTRIBUTION”

  1. Hi! We (Ray and I) have just been advised that you are our latest Follower! Many thanks. We hope you get as much pleasure out of reading the Posts as we get out of writing them. To be honest though, Ray is not good on a keyboard (feet too big) so he is the creative one and I just slave away writing the Posts. I almost forgot …. Ray says Woof! to Fitch! 🙂

  2. Thank you for following Jacques’ Dog Blog! What a handsome writing assistant and inspiration provider you have!! We hope you and Fitch continue writing stories and enjoy much happiness and success!

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