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My pit bulls LOVE playing with each other. Their games give me and my family a lot of entertainment. They are a charming pair of pit bulls. My Boo Bears!



Wally the pit bull surprised me the other day when we went to the pet store together. They were having a sale for cats and kittens. When Wally met a little kitten at the checkout line, he gave it lots of kisses on the feet and face. Everyone in the pet store loved watching Wally give a kitten love. Sometimes Wally surprises me on how sweet he is.


I saw this video that reminded me of how my pit bulls interact with my miniature poodle. In this video, a demonic chihuahua picks a fight with a pit bull, but the pit bull is being such a sweetheart and good sport as the little creature pesters him. This is just like how my miniature poodle acts alpha towards my pit bulls. She would growl and snap at them, but my pit bulls (God love them) remain good as gold and give her kisses. My poodle’s nasty attitude earned her the nickname “queen bitch from hell”.