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I found a video about a pit bull who goes bananas whenever he gets a treat, a toy, or a stick. He is just a happy little puppy.


I found this video of a pit bull who was tiptoeing in an attempt to be unseen to its owner. Like Drax the Destroyer, this pit bull thought if he moved slow enough he would become invisible. I like how every pit bull has their own unique quirks, which makes them a charismatic dog to own.



When my pit bulls and I went to the dog park today, we encountered this two month old bull terrier puppy named Naia. She was so sweet, friendly, and feisty. She desperately wanted to play with my boys, but she could not touch the ground because she did not get her vaccinations yet. However, that did not stop my boys from sniffing and kissing her like she was their own puppy. I, myself, got to give her lots of love and she smothered me with kisses. I think Naia and my boys are going to have a beautiful friendship as she gets bigger and older. This was their first interaction and it went very well.