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One power I am thinking of including in my superhuman series is what I call “damage empowerment”. With damage empowerment, you would become stronger, faster, and more durable the more you are injured. Whenever you sustain an injury, your body will regenerate and your body will become more empowered. The greater the injury, the more powerful you will become. I am thinking of giving one of the main characters this power. They will be grievously injured repeatedly, but they will become one of the strongest characters as a result.



One of the most bizarre superhuman abilities is the power to control your own biology. The reasons for this are numerous. For example, one could grow tentacles out of their own flesh, sprout another head out of the inside of their throats, or turn their stomaches inside out so they could spray their stomach acid on their enemies. The ways one could alter and manipulate their physiology are virtually limitless, creating countless grotesque forms. In some cases, the individual could use their warped body parts to assimilate other life forms, therefore adding to their monstrous size and appearance. I am thinking of giving this power to one of the villains of my sequel series and I will base the forms they will take on what I see in my nightmares. Just thinking about it gives me chills.


I have always toyed with the idea of what could possibly happen if every single known superhuman ability were to clash with one another simultaneously. Based on my research, there are thousands of known superpowers each with their own unique effect and strength level. With that in mind, what outcome occur if all those strength levels and effects were to interact with one another on a violent scale? To various degrees, each superpower is scary enough in their own way, but ALL powers mixing together is utterly unthinkable. The end result is simply far too big to truly predict or fathom. In the fifth volume of my series, the Young Guardians will come face-to-face with my personal prediction of what could happen if something like a superpower collision could take place.


I discovered a man named Yves Rossy, who has found a way to give himself the superpower of flight. He has invented a wing that allows him to fly through the air and uses the movements of his body to steer his flight path. In many ways, Rossy reminds me of superheroes like Batman, the Rocketeer, and Iron Man because he has no powers, but relies on technology to do extraordinary things. Just by watching Yves Rossy fly, I wonder if technology can allow us to fly, what other powers could they give us in the future? I look forward to finding out.


While planning out the first volume of my series, I tried to brainstorm on ways the Young Guardians would acquire their superhuman abilities.  I did not want to use cliches such as radioactive waste or genetic mutations.  So, I turned my attention to something that transcends the laws of physics as we know it: magic.  After choosing the concept of magic, I decided on what the spell should be called and I so I decided on naming it the Genesis Spell.  I gave it this name because the word genesis means the beginning of something.  In my characters case, the spell would signify the end of their old lives as mere mortals and the beginning of their new lives as super humans.  According to Tinisha Dolaira, the Genesis Spell is a very rare form of magic that can only be used once in a sorcerer’s lifetime.  What it does is awaken a being’s hidden spiritual powers and alter their appearance to the peak of human conditioning.  However, the Genesis Spell only targets beings who are teenagers.  As an additional side effect, the Genesis Spell also renders its targets immortal in the sense that they will never grow old, get sick, or die of natural causes, but they can be killed if their physical trauma is great enough.  


One of my favorite superpowers has always been pyrokinesis or fire manipulation because of the powerful ferocity it can give the user.  When I was designing one of the main characters of The Young Guardians Saga, Patrick Donovan, I wanted to give him a power that stood apart from ordinary fire manipulation.  To that end, I turned my attention to my favorite of all mythological beasts: dragons.  I wish to give Patrick features of a dragon while maintaining his human form, so I decided to give him the ability to generate and control the very flames that dragons breathe.  Apart from wielding dragon fire, I wanted this power to have a psychological effect on Patrick whenever he uses it to the extreme, which would result in giving Patrick the ferocious mindset of a dragon.