Tinisha Dolaira

Here is concept art for the female lead of my series, Tinisha Dolaira, the last of the high elves!


I have decided to elaborate on certain sections of my fourth volume that would allow the Young Guardians to become more familiar with their new allies. Some of these new additions to their team are extraordinary, some are weird, and a few are not what you would expect. In general, this part of the story will portray how diverse the Young Guardians have become as an organization. One of their new members will prove essential in understanding the inner workings of their new enemy despite his somewhat unorthodox power. Overall, I look forward to tinkering on ways for multiple powers to appear in this volume.


I have reached the sixth chapter of my fourth volume and this is where the plot begins to thicken. Here, the Young Guardians will begin to better understand their new enemy after their initial encounter. Based on what I have planned, the inner workings of this new foe will be advanced, somewhat frightening, and something beyond what can be achieved by humans or neohumans. With that in mind, one might say that the Young Guardians will be in for a challenge that sits in uncharted waters. The true fight in this volume is still creeping over the horizon and it will have significant consequences that will lead up to my fifth volume.


Among the old foes the Young Guardians battled in my third volume were the Wrist Brothers, Billy Bladewrists and Willy Chainwrists. These two were a notorious serial killer duo whose preferred method of killing their victims was severing their wrists and allowing them to bleed to death, which was how they got their name.

However, when the Young Guardians encountered them, the brothers were maimed and presumed dead. Then Vogan’s Black Pantheon salvaged them, augmented them with cybernetics, and recruited them to serve as weapons against the Young Guardians. Among the cybernetics were two pairs of robotic hands, one pair had swords for hands (Bladewrists) and one pair had crushing metal hands attached to the wrists with chains (Chainwrists).

I came up with the idea for these brothers when I saw a film called The Master of Disguise, which I saw when I was a child. When I watched the film and saw the main character fight, I fantasized on the thought of what it would have been like if he fought with his hands attached to his wrists with chains like nunchuks. From that fantasy, I came up with the name Billy Chainwrists and from there, I came up with the names of the brothers and incorporated them into my series.


I have started the fifth chapter of my fourth volume and things are heating up! For the moment, the Young Guardians are getting to know the additions to their team, but an unexpected party crasher is about to test the integrity of their group. Also, I thought of what to include in my sequel trilogy. One way or another, the old world that existed in the series so far is going to end and a new one will rise to take its place. In the new world, new cities will emerge along with a new civilization. With this in mind, I thought of giving these cities original names to go with the nature of the world they inhabit as well as go with the next generation of superheroes. I got this idea from the fact that cities with unique names such as Metropolis, Gotham City, Star City, and so forth have been used in various forms of superhero fiction. I therefore decided to follow this tradition and produce a city with a name that would bring out the superhero fanboy in everyone.


I have great news! At the library today, I encountered a creative writing program for children. When they found out that I was an author, they expressed interest in having me as a speaker in one of their future meetings. It would be an honor to help teacher the next generation of writers and authors. Wish me luck!