When I came up with the latest version of the Young Guardians’ signature vehicle, I drew inspiration from the design of the South African military vehicle called the Marauder. Of course, the Young Guardians model is heavily modified to suit their crusade against crime.


      1. Yes. Superheroes commonly have access to technology not available on the civilian market, but the question is, what level do YOUR superheroes have access to? Advanced present, near-future inventions, or time travel/alien future tech? This determines what they could conceivably shove into their vehicle.

    1. The technology they acquire is a bit more complicated than any of that. When they started their careers, the Young Guardians had a benefactor in the form of an ancient organization of neohumans called White Triumvirate, who wielded technology that was thousands of years more advanced than what humans have made today. They designed that technology throughout the past 30,000 years.

      1. It’s not like Asgard or magic, but it is highly advanced technology that is similar to the type of technology you would find in a futuristic world even though it wasn’t made in the future. It can enter pocket dimensions, turn ordinary weapons into advanced ones, and even has enough technological power to start its own civilization should anything happen to the old one. If you read one of my earlier posts, you will see how the Young Guardians’ uniforms operate since they were made with this technology.

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