I have noticed that in virtually every anime and manga characters have the ability to undergo transformations that grant them powers that were vastly superior to their original forms. I drew inspiration from this idea and decided to give the Young Guardians super forms as well. However, in order for the Young Guardians to gain access to these super forms, or Taiven forms, they have to pay the ultimate price in order to be reborn into more powerful beings. The Young Guardians are at their strongest when they are in their Taiven forms and used them to battle the demon Fanoxean in my second volume. While the Young Guardians are in their Taiven forms, their appearances change and they gain weapons that help channel their augmented powers. For example, when Patrick Donovan undergoes his Taiven form, he manifests a sword that generates so much heat that it incinerates anything it touches. For the moment, their Taiven forms need refinement and have plenty of room to evolve for the final battle in volume five.

4 thoughts on “CONCEPT: SUPER FORM”

  1. I enjoy the whole instant gratification feeling of owning your enemies.Just make sure you dont fall into a trap: the heroes are so powerful that you are forced to escalate the enemies powers in order to keep up. Good luck.

  2. I agree, there needs to be some kind of limitation that the enemy could use to their advantage. Super Saiyan God mode had a timelimit, or how constant transformations into Super Saiyan wasted power.

    1. True, but even with their Taiven forms, the Young Guardians still encountered enemies that were stronger than they were. With Fanoxean, they needed to combine their efforts and their Taiven forms were not enough to fight Vogan . . . yet.

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