I have always toyed with the idea of what could possibly happen if every single known superhuman ability were to clash with one another simultaneously. Based on my research, there are thousands of known superpowers each with their own unique effect and strength level. With that in mind, what outcome occur if all those strength levels and effects were to interact with one another on a violent scale? To various degrees, each superpower is scary enough in their own way, but ALL powers mixing together is utterly unthinkable. The end result is simply far too big to truly predict or fathom. In the fifth volume of my series, the Young Guardians will come face-to-face with my personal prediction of what could happen if something like a superpower collision could take place.


  1. Interesting concept. Amalgam was a series of comic books where DC & Marvel crossed over. It was an intersting read.

    If all powers clashed, that would be horrendous.

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