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At the museum, I saw a number of necklaces made from teeth from humans, sperm whales, dogs, and wild boars. It reminded me of the necklace Numen the Slayer wore after he slew the monstrous bear known as the Graega. The necklace Numen wore was made from the Graega’s claws and held together by bronze links instead of fiberous string.


My author colleagues, the Winner Twins, once said that when you are writing, you must always copyright your work no matter what. A month and a half ago, I followed their advice and had these images copyrighted to prevent anyone from stealing them. If you are an author and want to protect your work, I highly recommend taking this route.


I went to see The Greatest Showman tonight and it made me think of The Man Who Invented Christmas. Comparing these two films gave me an epiphany. The price of creating a legacy that will last until the end of time is high beyond measure. I am not just talking about financial price. I am also talking about the social and spiritual prices. Many pay the price and end up destroying themselves, never getting another chance. Some pay the price and destroy themselves and those around them, but their legacy and names will live on. Both P.T. Barnum and Charles Dickens created legacies that changed the world into what it is today, but almost destroyed their relationships with their families and loved ones as well as facing financial ruin. There are a rare few who do not pay the high price all at once, but gradually over time. I would say that I am one of those rare few who creates a perfect balance of paying the price yet maintaining my relationships at the same time. The road to an ultimate legacy is longer, but it reduces the risk of me destroying myself and it has worked out well for me so far.