As my new idea of a spin-off fantasy trilogy evolves, I am thinking of what historical and mythological figures I would base my protagonist on. Obviously, the story will have references to King Arthur, but there will also be references to William Wallace and William the Conqueror. My protagonist will be a obscure bastard, which will be something he will have in common with King Arthur and William the Conqueror. Both King Arthur and William the Conqueror started from nothing before becoming kings in their own right. William Wallace was the greatest hero of Scotland, who led the war against England. Like Wallace, my main character will become a freedom fighter who starts a rebellion against an army that invades the kingdom he lives in. The main character will not be a king or nobleman at the beginning of the story. Instead, he will start as a common blacksmith, who is the son of a tanner’s daughter and raised by a senior blacksmith and he will have an adoptive brother. Overall, this will be the most complex fantasy character I will ever create.


I had an idea for my fantasy series. I am thinking of writing a spin-off trilogy that follows the adventures of Numen the Slayer’s distant descendants. At some point, the Magnus Dynasty will fall into decline again to the point in which the last emperor leaves no known heirs. With no emperor to hold the Empire together, the nine kingdoms of Gradaia descend into a constant state of infighting and civil war, resulting in the formation of dozens of petty kingdoms. With all nine of the main monarchies extinct, the rising petty kingdoms constantly try to conquer one another. With no Magnuses to command them, the remaining dragons would disappear into the mountains. Fifteen years after the last emperor’s death, his illegitimate son discovers his heritage and starts a campaign to reunite Gradaia under a single banner once more. You could say that this new trilogy will partially be my own interpretation of the Arthurian legend, which depicts a kingdom that is leaderless and divided until the rightful king appears.


I am thinking of including a speedster character in my new superhero series. Personally, I think a speedster character is one of the easiest superhero characters to create for a number of reasons. First, a speedster would be arrogant and a show-off because they would move so fast that hardly anyone could catch them. Second, a speedster would be hyperactive because their superhuman speed would give them a lot of energy and stamina like they are on a constant dose of adrenaline. Third, a speedster would be impatient because they would move so fast that everything around them would look like its going in slow motion to them. I am thinking of including these qualities to my speedster character and they will be the comic relief of the story like a chipmunk with ADHD on too much caffeine.