I had an idea for my fantasy series. I am thinking of writing a spin-off trilogy that follows the adventures of Numen the Slayer’s distant descendants. At some point, the Magnus Dynasty will fall into decline again to the point in which the last emperor leaves no known heirs. With no emperor to hold the Empire together, the nine kingdoms of Gradaia descend into a constant state of infighting and civil war, resulting in the formation of dozens of petty kingdoms. With all nine of the main monarchies extinct, the rising petty kingdoms constantly try to conquer one another. With no Magnuses to command them, the remaining dragons would disappear into the mountains. Fifteen years after the last emperor’s death, his illegitimate son discovers his heritage and starts a campaign to reunite Gradaia under a single banner once more. You could say that this new trilogy will partially be my own interpretation of the Arthurian legend, which depicts a kingdom that is leaderless and divided until the rightful king appears.

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