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The most famous Knight of the Round Table is Sir Lancelot. Lancelot had been King Arthur’s champion and closest friend during his time in Camelot. He was the picture perfect image of knighthood until he had an infamous affair with Queen Guinevere, King Arthur’s wife. This affair resulted in a civil war that nearly destroyed Camelot. Still, Lancelot left a legacy as one of Camelot’s greatest knights. In my third fantasy book, I am thinking of presenting a young knight who becomes the main character’s finest champion and best friend. In addition, this character will suffer from a curse that has afflicted his entire family and he is on a quest to break it.


Easily one of the most infamous Arthurian villains would be King Arthur’s own son, Mordred. Mordred was the illegitimate son of King Arthur and Arthur’s half-sister Morgan le Fay, which makes him a bastard born of incest like Joffrey from Game of Thrones. Mordred is most famous for betraying his father, starting a civil war in an attempt to claim the throne for himself, and ultimately slaying his father in a draw in the Battle of Camlann. In the third volume of my new fantasy trilogy, I am thinking of loosely basing the main villain on Mordred. My character will be the main character’s second son who covets his older brother, niece, and nephews’ claims to the throne. After his brother dies, this character challenges his father, niece, and nephews for the throne. He will also be married with three sons and one daughter. Overall, I am envisioning a complex character who will be more an anti-hero instead of an all-out villain, which would make him somewhat similar to Darth Vader.



The Knights of the Round Table have always filled us with hope, admiration, and joy towards the ideals of chivalry. They have also been King Arthur’s most notable sidekicks apart from Merlin. I am thinking of drawing inspiration from some of these knights for supporting characters in my new fantasy book. Because there are at least 25 knights to choose from, I decided to loosely base them on Lancelot, Gawain, Bors, Tristan, and Percival. These new characters will not be knights at first. Instead, they will start as commoners such as carpenters, butchers, hunters, storytellers, and drunken vagabonds. They will be a band of anti-heroes who are a sharp contrast to the chivalrous knights we have known.



As you are aware, my new fantasy book will have multiple Arthurian references in it. Even though the characters and events will be original with their own names and characteristics, they will be loosely based on Arthurian legend. The main character would be based on King Arthur himself, his parents would be based on Uther Pendragon and Igraine, his love interest would be a mixture between Merlin and Guinevere, his sword Gramfyre would be based on Excalibur, his stepfather and siblings would be based on Sir Ector, Kay, and Morgan le Fay, his closest companions would be based on the Knights of the Round Table, his dragons would be based on the red and white Arthurian dragons, and the villain would be based on the tyrant Vortigern. One could argue that this new fantasy book would be another interpretation of the Arthurian legend in all but name. However, I will be including my own dark spin on it and make the main characters a band of anti-heroes and give more humanity to the villain than I normally do.



Another classic Arthurian myth revolves around a battle between two dragons, one that is red as old wine and one that is white as new milk. In some interpretations of the story, these two dragons were flesh and blood creatures while in other interpretations they were symbolic in nature. I am thinking of doing this in both a symbolic and literal sense. The symbolic sense will have the red and white dragons symbolize the sigils and banners of two rival factions and the literal sense will be that each side will have a dragon of their own. The final battle will result in these two dragons and their riders clashing with one another one last time. It will be a duel that will decide the fate of five kingdoms.


As my new idea of a spin-off fantasy trilogy evolves, I am thinking of what historical and mythological figures I would base my protagonist on. Obviously, the story will have references to King Arthur, but there will also be references to William Wallace and William the Conqueror. My protagonist will be a obscure bastard, which will be something he will have in common with King Arthur and William the Conqueror. Both King Arthur and William the Conqueror started from nothing before becoming kings in their own right. William Wallace was the greatest hero of Scotland, who led the war against England. Like Wallace, my main character will become a freedom fighter who starts a rebellion against an army that invades the kingdom he lives in. The main character will not be a king or nobleman at the beginning of the story. Instead, he will start as a common blacksmith, who is the son of a tanner’s daughter and raised by a senior blacksmith and he will have an adoptive brother. Overall, this will be the most complex fantasy character I will ever create.



This is the main villain of Numen the Slayer, King Robar Baal of Umbran. While creating him, I drew inspiration from Shakespeare’s version of Richard III as well as the Arthurian tyrant Vortigern. Like Shakespeare’s Richard III, Robar is a hunchback, but to make him more unique and reviled I made him a cannibal as well as a tyrant. Also, I included a more human side to him due to being persecuted all his life as a deformed creature even by his own family. To compensate for his insecurities, Robar purposely makes himself a tyrant in order to demand respect from those who mock him. His last name “Baal” is based on the demon who is one of the Seven Princes of Hell. Robar’s weapons of choice are a falchion forged from a meteorite and a meat cleaver that has a handle made from human bone as well as a collection of knives he carries on his belt. Overall, Robar serves as the driving force behind the story of Numen the Slayer.



Because my fantasy series will depict what kind of world rises in the aftermath of Fanoxean’s rampage, many fantasy creatures will be on the verge of extinction. Therefore, one of the main themes will be the status of what creatures survive Fanoxean’s genocide, particularly the last dragons. I even came up with a name for one of the dragons, but  am having trouble coming up with a female name. I will be drawing inspiration from the dragons in Arthurian Legend, one red as old wine and one white as new milk. By the end of the series, the rebirth of the dragon species will be depicted and they will develop a unique connection with my main character. In both mythology and modern fiction, an individual who forms a bond with a dragon is either called a dragon lord or dragon rider. As a devout dragon fanatic, I always imagined what it would be like to form a bond with a dragon or flock of dragons so there will be a personal touch to this element of the story.