As my new idea of a spin-off fantasy trilogy evolves, I am thinking of what historical and mythological figures I would base my protagonist on. Obviously, the story will have references to King Arthur, but there will also be references to William Wallace and William the Conqueror. My protagonist will be a obscure bastard, which will be something he will have in common with King Arthur and William the Conqueror. Both King Arthur and William the Conqueror started from nothing before becoming kings in their own right. William Wallace was the greatest hero of Scotland, who led the war against England. Like Wallace, my main character will become a freedom fighter who starts a rebellion against an army that invades the kingdom he lives in. The main character will not be a king or nobleman at the beginning of the story. Instead, he will start as a common blacksmith, who is the son of a tanner’s daughter and raised by a senior blacksmith and he will have an adoptive brother. Overall, this will be the most complex fantasy character I will ever create.


  1. This may be helpful ——– King Arthur from modern stories is two people, there was an Anglo-Saxon warlord called Art that used the Roman fort of Cam-e-lot that is just on the outskirts of a small town called Slack. The Pendragon or son of the dragon was in a secret order of the round table in the Knights Templar and was in charge of looking after the holy grail. He is from ye olde Transilvania or modern day Romania. Vlad Dracula( Son of a Dragon) the Impaler.

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