When we envision what a superhero is, we see an idealistic boy-scout who is essentially the modern version of the chivalrous knight. However, there are cases in which this is not the case. In works such as Watchmen and the CW show Arrow, a superhero is highly flawed and often resorts to killing the bad guys instead of capturing and subduing them. With my superhero universe, the Young Guardians’ crime-fighting methods are mostly conservative and they only kill their enemies as a last resort. In my future sequel spinoff series will be different because all of the main characters will have psychological issues and kill their enemies often. This will make the characters more flawed and relatable despite the immense power they wield. I already have a good idea of what issues these characters will have as they band together against the forces of evil. So while my main series is about traditional superheroes, my sequel spinoff will be about the anti-heroes.

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