I have finished watching another documentary about life in medieval times and learned a great deal about medieval food, particularly the diet of Henry VIII, who was both a carnivore and had an insatiable sweet-tooth (which are things I can relate to). The food was elegant yet fattening, but it fits what I was imagining for the food in my fantasy series. I will therefore base the diet of both royalty and nobility on the diet of the Tudor Dynasty. In order to better understand the taste and texture of such dishes, I bought a medieval cookbook so I can cook some of these meals and sample them myself. This way, I will better be able to describe what the characters are eating while they are either in a banquet hall or camping in the woods. It is going to be an interesting experiment and I don’t think I have ever delved this deep while researching for a project. Due to my commitment to this fantasy series, I hope the rewards will be worthwhile. I will keep you updated on any further developments.

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