I decided to add a little diversity into the setting of my sequel series. At first, I wanted there to just be two distinct races: normal humans (no powers) and neohumans (with powers). However, I thought of providing my readers with the point of view of a third race: artificial intelligence. I got the idea from various fantasy stories, which feature multiple races such as humans, elves, and dwarves. However, my story will be strictly science fiction because it will take place in an interstellar government inhabited by three unique races. Through this idea, you would see the perspectives of each race. With normal humans, they would be mere mortals who take their lives for granted and their limited lifespans makes them relatively naive and short-sighted in comparison to their inhuman neighbors. From the neohumans’ perspective, they would be immortal super humans who would feel haughty and cynical due to their immense powers and advanced lifespans. For androids and robots, they would be driven by logic but long to connect with their organic neighbors. Each of these races has something new to add to the table and I cannot wait to elaborate this further.

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