For the longest time, I have been fascinated with the idea of teenagers becoming superheroes.  Some incarnations depict young heroes who are immature and prefer to use their powers for fun and mischief instead of fighting villains.  Others show youths who who are rebels without a cause or require the supervision of older superheroes to keep them in line.  While there have been various incarnations of this concept, I decided to develop my own team of teenage superheroes based on the personalities of myself and my best friends.  I wanted to create characters that were not stereotypical teenagers.  Therefore, I imagined how my friends and I would handle certain situations if we were given superhuman abilities.  When the Young Guardians’ powers first manifest, they are frightened, confused, and initially have no idea what their purpose in life was.  However, after one of their own accidentally injures another human being, they conclude that their crusade against evil should be one of redemption.  In addition, they are the first and only superheroes in existence in their world and have no older heroes to watch over them.  So, they are basically left to their own devices when their lives are inexplicably changed.  As for leadership, even though Patrick is often viewed as the leader by the public, the first four members have been friends since elementary school and have always viewed each other as equals.  Also, despite being the oldest of the group, Tinisha was too inexperienced about the modern world and often followed her younger companions’ lead.


  1. That’s not a bad pitch. I plan on starting a teen superhero webcomic once I finish my two other chapters of the current one.

  2. Awesome friend(of your best buds)! wish someone could write a superhero character based on me too, but i don’t think I’m good enough for the slot. lol. 😀

    Oh By the way , “They are the first and only superheroes in existence in their world and have no older heroes”… where did they get their powers then?

    1. From a form of mystical energy called the Genesis Spell, which was used by their teammate Tinisha Dolaira, who is a being from another dimension.

  3. Hi, Grady, I love your blog and your idea for your teen superheroes. The teenage years are a crazy time for all of that went through them, and this will be fun to follow. 🙂

  4. Teenage superheroes – I think this epitomises teenage thinking doesn’t it…A lot think that they are bulletproof 🙂

  5. Thank you for following my blog Grady. As you’ll be aware, I was in the middle of the A to Z Challenge and up to my keyboard in comments and emails. Now that I’ve seen what you’re about, I’ll be listing you on my Blogroll.
    I like the sound of your tale, and there is a fair degree of originality, due mainly to their being nothing to lead them, but morals and each other. I’ll keep an eye on your progress.

  6. Are you actually going to write this, flesh it out? Because you have me hooked. Imperfect, no examples to follow OR rebel against, guided by true internal values and the balancing weights of the friends personalities and structure – this little blurb you wrote out about it has real potential. I hope you keep going with it.

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