I decided to include magic in my series because I see it as something that transcends the laws of physics as we know it.  The way I see it, true magic is not something you see on a stage or show, but something that exists in another world such as an alternate reality or dimension.  In Tinisha Dolaira’s case, she comes from such a world where beings are capable of things that would not be possible in our world.  As a result, she is well-versed in magic and can utilize it in various ways.  For defensive purposes, she can use magic to heal injuries, such as those her team sustains in battle.  For offensive purposes, she can unleash beams of energy that can overwhelm most opponents.  Also, she can use magic to grant other beings superhuman abilities through the Genesis Spell, which is something she can only do once in her entire lifetime.  If real magic existed, we probably would be capable of such feats as well.

5 thoughts on “SUPERPOWER: MAGIC”

  1. In my creative brain I tend to use more of a technical or metaphysical approach to any sort of magic. In my characters’ abilities, as hidden or buried as it may be, there is always a tangible explanation or foundation based on limited capabilities…

  2. I love magic! It gives the whole story something extra, lets your wander and come up with scenarios that would otherwise not be possible. Inclusion of magic in a way helps us think outside of the box.

  3. That’s exactly what I think of magic! That’s why I didn’t go to make a boring ‘life story’ manga and preferred magic, adventure and well, magic. Having magic superpowers in a story really brightens them up and you really have fun making up powers yourself!
    Thank-you for subscribing to my blog by the way! 🙂

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