Allow me to give you an overview on the fictional species of crocodilian in my dinosaur series. Every ecosystem has an aquatic predator that lurks in the rivers and lakes. In the age of the dinosaurs, there were various species of crocodilian that ranged from being amphibious, terrestrial, and marine animals. I decided to do a homage to this with my fictional crocodilian. In terms of size, i based it on the biggest crocodilians that ever lived such as Deinosuchus and Sarcosuchus. I made its head shaped like a T. Rex to highlight the fact that dinosaurs and crocodilians share a common ancestor. I even took a Godzilla approach when it came to the spike-like scutes on its back and the shape of its tail fluke. This thing does something nasty to one of the characters and has a run-in with a predator that was bigger and meaner than itself. Overall, this creature is going to be the terror of the rivers and lakes in my dinosaur series.


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