Dinosaurs have been everyone’s favorite monsters that inspired our imagination for generations. As I was writing my dinosaur book, I came to a fundamental realization about the dinosaur genre. While I will always be a fan of the classical dinosaurs we have all come to know and love, I feel like they have been used far too often. When you write a story that includes classical dinosaurs such as T. Rex and Triceratops, the way you can utilize them is relatively limited because everyone is so familiar with them. However, if you create fictional species that no one has ever seen, you have a lot more artistic freedom on how to utilize them in your story. The reason for this is because since they are a new breed of creature, fictional dinosaurs are far more unpredictable than the classic dinosaurs. This generates a more engaging story as the reader tries to anticipate what these fictional creatures will do next. That is what I am attempting to achieve with the fictional dinosaur species in my dinosaur book.

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