One of the more intriguing prehistoric mammals would be Andrewsarchus, the largest terrestrial mammal carnivore that ever existed. It was as tall as a horse, weighed up to a ton, and had a 2.5 foot long skull full of crushing teeth. Even though Andrewsarchus was physically shaped like typical mammal carnivores such as wolves and hyenas, it had one unique feature that set it apart. It had hooves on its feet instead of claws. This was due to the fact that Andrewsarchus was the ancestor of hoofed animals like sheep and goats. Upon learning of this, I named a baby goat Andrew in the honor of its prehistoric ancestor. As I contemplate on what kinds of reverse engineered life forms to include in my dinosaur series, I turn my attention to Andrewsarchus and its sheep and goat descendants. If sheep and goats were reverse engineered into something resembling their prehistoric ancestors, would they become carnivores once again? That will be a question I will ponder as I continue to write.


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