Dark Lords are often the main antagonists of the fantasy genre. They represent the incarnation of evil and their main goal is to dominate all life. The most infamous example of a Dark Lord would be Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, the cruel master of malice that forged the One Ring and tried to conquer Middle-Earth. Another example would be the Night King from Game of Thrones, who used to be human before being tortured and mutilated by the Children of the Forest into a ruined life form. In Berserk, Griffith threw away his humanity in order to achieve a selfish goal, becoming Femto of the God Hand and master of the Apostles. The Dark Lord of my fantasy series will be a combination between these three villains. Like Sauron, my character will be a being of powerful dark magic. Like the Night King, my character will have ways of growing his own army. Like Femto, my character will originally be human and will discard his humanity for a selfish goal. Overall, I am planning to make my Dark Lord my own interpretation of what evil embodies.


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