“I know what it feels like. It feels GOOD!!! The power. Everything. But you’ll lose yourself.”

Peter Parker, Spider-Man 3

I am thinking of writing a horror story that has a similar vibe and style to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It will have my own twist in that the character who is afflicted by this duality is a werewolf. The side of him that symbolizes Dr. Jekyll will be the human side while the side of him that symbolizes Mr. Hyde will be the werewolf side. The human half will reflect the character’s civilized and restrained personality while the werewolf half will reflect on the character’s animal nature. What fascinates me about the werewolf half is that it will be a persona that is completely and utterly liberated from all moral, human, and psychological inhibitions and boundaries. How is a person’s mind affected when they no longer need or even want to restrain themselves? That will be a question I will be tackling.

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