Some people have wondered if we would see Captain Phasma in future Star Wars films. The last time we saw her, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Finn dumped her into a trash compactor on Starkiller Base. After Starkiller Base exploded, some of us wondered if she escaped before the planet’s destruction. I learned that it was confirmed that we will definitely see her in The Last Jedi. However, how did she escape the trash compactor and escape Starkiller Base? Did she call a platoon to rescue her before she was crushed to bits? Did she climbed out of the compactor? If she escaped the compactor, did she gain access to a TIE fighter or shuttle that got her off the planet before it exploded? I hope we get answers in The Last Jedi. I like Captain Phasma because she is similar to Boba Fett in that she had a small supporting role but a powerful presence. I hope she will be elaborated more as a character in future films.

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