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I am pleased to report that my editor has completed the manuscript for the dinosaur guide for The Kaligen Experiment. She said that it blew her mind on how knowledgeable I was when I wrote it. That brought a smile to my face. I will be doing her corrections over the weekend. After that, the dinosaur guide will be ready for release alongside the main book of The Kaligen Experiment. My editor also said that the dinosaur guide will make a good supplementary addition to The Kaligen Experiment. I will keep you updated on further developments.


The Loch Ness Monster has always been one of the most iconic cryptic creatures in history. Its identity has been speculated and sometimes debated over the years. Most people believe it to be a species of Plesiosaur, which has a long neck and small head connected to its round body. Plesiosaurs were fish eaters like dolphins. On the other hand, if Nessie was a Pliosaur, Loch Ness would not be a safe place to be in. The reason for this would be because Pliosaurs were voracious predators that indiscriminately attacked and ate everything that moved in the prehistoric oceans, including other Pliosaurs. Its large head and powerful jaws allowed it to kill and devour large prey. Due to these facts, if Nessie was one of these animals, it would most likely be a Plesiosaur because it was a harmless fish eater that would be more interested in eating the local fish. If it was a Pliosaur, there would be a lot more missing people and wrecked boats at Loch Ness since the Pliosaur would eat everything in the lake.