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I have wonderful news! In the near future, my sister will be getting married and I have been chosen to officiate the ceremony. To celebrate this glorious occasion, I will be having a very rare giveaway where five of my books will be FREE on Amazon Kindle. These books include Numen the Slayer, The War of the Gilded Beasts, Cosmic Genten, Karmathaur, and Herawulf Rising: Origins. This giveaway will last five days.


I had an idea for the most epic medieval wedding as the beginning of the second volume for my fantasy series. This will consist four weddings taking place on the same day. After the four ceremonies there would be a tournament that takes place for two weeks. Over a thousand knights would compete in jousting, melee, archery, and horse racing. At the end of each day of the tournament there would be a feast with almost eighty courses of food. For entertainment, these feasts will include singers, musicians, acrobats, dancers, jesters, jugglers, pyromancers, and sword swallowers. What do you guys think? Would this not be the most epic medieval wedding imaginable?


William and Kate: The royal wedding

After experiencing two weddings in one lifetime, I adore the idea of two lovers getting married. By combining those experiences with the royal wedding of Prince William and Lady Katherine for inspiration, I plan to depict the royal weddings of the two kings in my fantasy series. Both weddings will have all of the ceremony fit for a king, but their spouses will come from opposite backgrounds, which will play a big role in their future rivalry.