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I discovered an exotic type of sword called a kris, which features a wavy blade. The wavy blade allows the sword to cut more deeply than a regular straight sword. Not only do I like the killing power of the kris, but I like its unique style. Due to this I am thinking of making a kris sword the weapon of choice of a villain in my fantasy book because it looks like something a villain would wield.



While watching Forged in Fire, I discovered a wide variety of different weapons that I could potentially use in my fantasy book. Among these weapons is the falcata, which was introduced by my Celtic ancestors before spreading to the rest of Western Europe. In some ways, the falcata operates like a machete as it hacks through enemy lines with powerful one-handed strikes. Also, this sword reminds me of the weapon of choice of Alexander the Great, which fits perfectly well with the theme of my fantasy book. Because I am drawing inspiration from my Celtic ancestors, I am thinking of including this sword in some of the factions in the fantasy world of my book.


As a fan of fantasy, I loved how weapons of magic and power are created. One of my favorite weapon creations was the forging of Conan the Barbarian’s sword, which was created from steel, fire, and ice. Nothing would excite me more than to be able to engage in the forging process of such a weapon of power. When I take blacksmithing classes, I might draw inspiration from the design and appearance of the sword.



While I was at the medieval tournament, I came across a number of interesting armor designs. Among those designs was this scale mail, which was made from metal segments interconnected through normal chainmail. This provides it with extra protection to the wearer. I like the design so much that I am thinking of including this design in my fantasy book.


The battle axe has always been an iconic medieval weapon of war. Because I am of Scandinavian descent, I am particularly interested in the Viking variant of the weapon, whose lethality is demonstrated in the video above. Still, this video demonstrates the version of the battle axe that MUST be wielded with two hands. I am more intrigued by the version that can be wielded either with one or two hands because it provides more versatility than the larger variant. For my fantasy book, I am thinking of making the Viking battle axe the weapon of choice of a major character.


While I do enjoy characters who wield a single weapon, I also like the idea of characters who wield dual weapons whether if it is two swords, a sword and some other weapon, or a sword and a dagger. I am thinking of including a character in my fantasy book who wields a sword and dagger at the same time. Here is a video that shows what both weapons can do individually then imagine what they could do together. Yikes!



In my research on medieval life, I discovered an interesting weapon called a billhook. This weapon originated from agricultural tools used by peasants before being weaponized. Like the halberd, the billhook was a very versatile polearm. It could be used as a quarterstaff, a spear, a spiked hammer, or you could use the large hook to get behind your opponent’s neck and take their heads off with a single pull. I am thinking of including this weapon in the upcoming battle of my fantasy book because I want to include something more unique than a regular old spear.