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I discovered something interesting while doing research for my fantasy book. There were videos of computer simulations that demonstrated not only medieval battles but also conquests and political maneuvers. By watching these videos, I started to learn about how battles were fought and how alliances and enemies are made. I now have a good idea of how to proceed with my fantasy book in the long run. Unlike my original vision, my fantasy book will have a great many moving parts like many of the classical fantasy stories. Similar to real life medieval times, there will be no heroes or villains just different people with different opinions. Instead of focusing on one main character, the story will focus on a group of siblings and their companions as they lead a conquest of a kingdom. I am eager to further work on this book and see what direction it will take in the future. Wish me luck!



During my independent history lessons, I realized something. The ascension or fall of a king can be decided by the intervention of a single noble house. The most significant example of this was during the Battle of Bosworth Field at the end of the War for the Roses. When Richard III faced Henry VII, House Stanley waited on the outskirts of the battle to see who would likely win. When it became clear that Henry VII would win, House Stanley sided with him and sealed the fate of England under the Tudor Dynasty. Richard III died that day and would not receive a proper burial for five hundred years. I will be drawing inspiration from House Stanley’s intervention for the epic battle in my fantasy book.



Since I have been gaining inspiration from various historical events in medieval times, I am thinking of drawing inspiration from an event known as the Hundred Years’ War. The Hundred Years’ War was a conflict that lived up to its name as England and France clashed with one another. The reason I am choosing to draw inspiration from this particular event is because I was thinking of creating a war that lasts a generation in my fantasy book. Essentially, after the rightful dynasty supposedly dies out, every nobleman would compete with one another to fill the power vacuum.