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I love the first few scenes in The Legend of Vox Machina, specifically when we were first introduced to the main characters. The Legend of Vox Machina begins as all great legends do: with an epic bar fight! Before the fight begins, we learn that Vox Machina are a bunch of heavy-drinking party animals who are struggling as mercenaries. Then they get antagonized by the other patrons, resulting in the bar fight in question. One of the members of Vox Machina, the half-elf rogue Vax, manages to sneak an extra drink before resuming his fight. The half-elf druid, Keyleth, was so hideously drunk that she even used her own vomit as a weapon. The human gunslinger (and only gentleman in the group), Percy managed to catch some patrons off guard with his gun, but his weapon malfunctions. The half-elf ranger, Vex, has her bow’s aim thrown off by the gnome cleric, Pike, before resuming her fight. At one point, Vex summons her pet bear, Trinket. Grog, the goliath barbarian, tries to come to his friends’ aid only to exacerbate things further. Finally, the gnome bard, Scanlan, was busy seducing an inhuman woman with both sex and music. After a while, the bartender breaks up the chaos and throws Vox Machina out when it turns out they do not have any money to pay for either their drinks or the damage done to the bar. With no money and a mountain of debt weighing on them, the group starts to question their purpose in the world. Thanks to the antics of Scanlan, the group found a notice from the crown that was hiring mercenaries to fight a great evil that was unleashed upon the land. The group answering this notice is how their true adventure begins and it all started from this one bar fight. Overall, I love this introduction because it shows a band of flawed characters and unlikely heroes who are funny and relatable. It is like Game of Thrones but with a bit of comedy thrown in.