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For my future fantasy books, I am thinking of introducing a particularly dark breed of monster: the kind that is born out of incest. Unlike real life, children born of incest in my books will not be human even though their parents would be human. Instead, they will look like beasts you will only find in your most unholy nightmares. These creatures will be what they are due to their parents being exposed to byproducts of a failed magical experiment. As a result, these monstrosities will roam the corners of the Empire, attacking towns and villages where they find them. I will be drawing inspiration from a creature known as the Shtriga, which was the Albanian version of a vampire.



I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a vampire. To be a vampire would mean to be immortal, but it would be immortality that would come with certain conditions.

Chief among these conditions are that I can only eat blood whether if it is human blood or animal blood. I would keep my pantries, refrigerator, and cellar fully stocked with bottles of blood. That way, I won’t have to hunt and kill prey. Some vampires need to feed once every four or five days. With this in mind, I will drink one whole bottle of blood once every four or five days. That way, I can make my blood supply last for a long time. The question is how would I acquire the blood if I do not hunt and kill prey. I would buy blood from blood banks and slaughter houses. That way, I can keep my belly full and not worry about becoming a predator. I would preferably buy blood that has high blood sugar. To a vampire, that would be like drinking maple syrup or chocolate milk.

I like the 30 Days of Night vampires because they could only be killed through either exposure to the sun or decapitation. That way, as long as I stay out of the sun and keep my head fastened to my shoulders, I will live forever.

Being immortal, I would literally have all the time in the world on my hands. I would spend my days sleeping and my nights doing whatever I pleased. I would have more than enough time to write books until my imagination was spent. I would see every new Star Wars film that will ever be made. I would read every manga and watch every anime. The sky is the limit as long as I do it at night.

When you are immortal, you always risk your loved ones growing old and dying in front of you. With vampires, you have the option to grant immortality to another person, making that person your eternal companion. However, I will allow a human to get to know me to the fullest before giving them the option to join me until the end of time. I am a social individual and I am always looking for someone to socialize with. I don’t want to risk driving a potential companion away by taking away the choice of whether or not they want to be human. If I turn the against their will, they will hate me and either kill me or run away into the night to become man-eating predators.

In addition, vampires sometimes turn animals into their familiars. Familiars are servants who are as long lived as a vampire, but not a vampire themselves. I could turn my pit bulls into my familiars. They would guard the house while I am sleeping by day and sleep on my lap at night while we lounge.

Overall, if I was a vampire, I would have civilized and a semi-human lifestyle.


For my new superhuman series, I am thinking of including a vampiric character. However, he will be nothing like the vampires in Twilight, Underworld, Blade, or any of the vampires you would find in classic stories. In fact, he will not be a true vampire at all, just a mutated imitation of one with vampire-like mannerisms and abilities. He cannot be killed with silver, garlic, crosses, or stakes through the heart. He will be completely vulnerable to sunlight, but it won’t kill him even though it will hurt REAL bad. I am even going to put his powers on a more believable level in that he won’t have any magic powers like shapeshifting and mind control. He will be superhumanly strong enough to lift two to three tons and break rock with his bare hands. He will be fast and agile enough to run at over forty miles an hour, jump over ten feet in the air, and climb walls like Spider-Man. Like Wolverine, he can regenerate, which prevents him from aging and allows him to heal any injury or disease, even being shot in the head. His senses would be heightened to the point in which he can see in the dark, hear the faintest sound, and smell a drop of blood from a mile away. His bite strength would also be impressive and rival that of an alligator, which is 3,700 pounds per square inch. Apart from sunlight, the only drawback of having his condition is his uncontrollable thirst for blood. Because of his predatory nature, he will literally have no choice but to kill to get blood because his vampiric body will not let him starve no matter what. He cannot process solid food or ordinary liquids so there is no other substitute for blood for him to live on. If he does not feed every four or five days, he will enter a berserker rage and indiscriminately and mindlessly kill and feed on everyone and everything that moves until his body has had its fill. This will serve as an inner struggle that will make him a flawed character trying to live in an already cruel world.