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One of these days, I would like to spend one day hiking the Appalachian Trail as far as I can and as hard as I can. I don’t have it in me to hike all 2,200 miles, but if I can hike just 20 or so miles, then I will die happy. Several of my fantasy stories include sections where the characters wander through the wilderness so this will help me get even more inspiration for future writing. Also, it will allow me to be better connected with nature. Hopefully, I won’t run into a bear or two. If that happens, I watched enough Animal Planet programs to know what to do.



I enjoyed my first day on my lottery trip to Las Vegas and it was one heck of a good start. I enjoyed a luscious buffet, a dazzling magic show, and I was on a number of heaters in the slot machines. I did so well in the slot machines that I broke even twice! It is far from a jackpot, but I’ll take it. Rule number one: “never walk away when you’re on a heater.” I look forward to what else this trip has to offer in the days ahead.


This is the magician my mother and I will be seeing on our first night in Las Vegas: Mat Franco. Apparently, he competed in the show America’s Got Talent, which is one of my mother’s favorite shows. Before watching this video, I did not know he existed. Now, I am convinced that he truly is a master of the impossible and sorcerer supreme. I am eager to see what else this wizard is capable of when I see him up close and personal.


In my earlier posts, I reported that I won a free trip to Las Vegas in a lottery. Next week, I will finally put that trip to use. I will be going to Sin City with my mother and meet my beloved cousins. On the first night, I will be treating my mother to one of the countless buffets in Vegas. I love spoiling people and Vegas gives me a golden opportunity to spoil my relatives to the fullest. After dinner that night, we will be seeing a magic show. I have never seen a magic show in person before so it will be an interesting experience for me. I don’t know what other plans my cousins have in store, but I look forward to it. I may try some of the slot machines and hopefully win a jackpot. If I win a jackpot, I want to split it four ways. One quarter will be donated to the people of Puerto Rico, one quarter will be donated to autism awareness groups, one quarter will be donated to groups that advocate for pit bulls, and the final quarter will be invested. There are no guarantees that I will win a jackpot, but you never know. This could be my lucky day. Wish me luck!


Today, I entered the lottery at my local theater yet again and won three FREE trips in a single day! I won two trips to Hawaii and one trip to Las Vegas. In total, I won FIVE free trips since I started participating in this lottery. One trip to Orlando, two trips to Las Vegas, and two trips to Hawaii. Lady luck was on my side today big time! Once I figure out how their system works, I plan to give one of these trips to my parents as an anniversary gift. I only need one of each of these trips so I will give out the extras to my family and loved ones.


I saw one of the most disturbing things on the news regarding a passenger who was forcibly removed from his seat and then dragged off the plane while bleeding from the mouth! What kind of enterprise does that to their own customers? This video has made me concerned about what direction the airline industry is going as a result of this attack. I no longer feel safe going on an airplane after seeing this!