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A trailer was released a couple days ago that revealed that a live action Pokemon film was coming next year. This brought back a lot of memories from my childhood because I was an obsessive fan of Pokemon when I was younger. I watched the anime and played the Gold and Sapphire versions of the Nintendo game. After watching this trailer, part of me was skeptical of this film because most attempts to make live action anime films failed. However, the Pokemon looked so much like their anime selves and the acting chemistry between the characters looked so good that I think this film will have promise. For old time’s sake, I will watch this film and see how good it is. Gotta catch ’em all!


I just watched the trailer for the Season 4 Finale for Gotham and I think this is when we see the completion of Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman. In addition, we might see the rise of the TRUE Joker as well as Ra’s al Ghul and how they will affect Bruce for the rest of his life. When I finished watching the trailer and considered what was to come, I could hear this song in my head: the chanting from The Dark Knight Rises!


I just purchased my midnight premiere tickets for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and watched the new trailer. The Force is strong with me tonight! Based on the trailer, it looks like patricide was not enough for Kylo Ren because it looks like he will commit matricide as well. Also, I saw Luke Skywalker (the mightiest Jedi who ever lived) exhibit true fear and the possibility of Rey turning to the dark side. It looks like it is going to be a much darker film than The Force Awakens and I am looking forward to it. Lightspeed to December!


I got to see the new trailer for the third Thor film, Thor Ragnarok! I loved the elements of Planet Hulk with the Hulk as a gladiator. Now we will know once and for all who is stronger. Who will win? The World’s Mightiest Mortal or the Crown Prince of Asgard? I am also interested in the fact Thor’s hammer was destroyed because we will see what he will do when he is stripped of his strongest weapon. Also, Hela looks terrifying both in appearance and in terms of powers! My Viking blood is burning like molten iron in my veins because the Twilight of the Gods has begun!