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I have been hearing all kinds of stories of the Capitol Hill rioters who were arrested. From what I hear, the guy who wore a buffalo horn helmet could face 25 years in prison if convicted. A lady tried to give Nancy Pelosi’s stolen laptop to the Russians, but her ex-boyfriend turned her in. An 18 year old girl turned in her mother and uncle after seeing them on social media in the riot. One guy threatened to kill his wife and children if they turned him in. Some of these lunatics, freaks, and traitors were unrepentant of what they did while others feel duped by Trump (especially when he didn’t pardon them), and the rest realized too late they crossed a big red line. These extremists were grown adults and they were not prepared to suffer the consequences of their crimes. So far, the FBI is making steady progress in rounding up the traitors. Hopefully, we will get them all eventually especially since they were arrogant and stupid enough to post videos and photos of themselves during the riot. These seditionists need to be made an example of or they will do something more extreme in the future. The chaotic, divisive, and corrupt reign of Trump is finally over and it is time for these people to accept it and move on.


I found this video that shows an extremist group known as the Proud Boys clashing with police in Salem, Oregon. Like many Trump supporters, the Proud Boys were not happy about Trump losing the 2020 election so they arranged a rally in Salem. However, because they were armed and Trump’s seditious rhetoric was firing up the Proud Boys, the police were deployed to disperse the crowd.

I am glad that these extremists were quelled and put back in their box. They and groups like them are threatening to destroy our democracy. We have come so close to a dictatorship, but prevented that by beating Trump in the election. However, we still have to deal with his chaotic legacy, which will plague us for years to come.

The FBI and other law-enforcement agencies predicted that right-wing extremists like the Proud Boys would become a serious threat to the country if they were not dealt with. Examples include Kyle Rittenhouse murdering two people during the Kenosha protests and the 2020 boogaloo killings. These are only a few of many examples of right-wing terrorism that has been committed in just the past year. The probability is high that more examples will continue unless these extremists are put back in their box.

This development was pretty much inevitable regardless of the election outcome. If Trump won, they would feel emboldened. If Trump lost, they would feel cheated. Clearly, what we are experiencing throughout the country is the latter. These groups desperately need to be broken out of their “Trump is God” mentality before they cause more damage. One of Joe Biden’s main challenges will be finding a way to put the genie back in the bottle.


I have continued watching historical documentaries about the superhero genre and I came across new information. In our darkest times, America needs heroes. Superheroes may be fictional, but they are still important symbols that reflect America’s current state of mind. This was reflected in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

There was a Captain America graphic novel called The New Deal, which depicted Captain America trying to find survivors in the rubble of the World Trade Center. Later in the story, Captain America battles a terrorist cell as they threatened a small town. In the end, Captain America punched the terrorist leader so hard that he broke his neck and twisted his head all the way around. Even though the aftermath of the 9/11 attack was depicted at the beginning, the later battles deviated from 9/11 just enough to prove the same point. The point that was being proven was the American peoples’ strong desire for justice against terrorists and who better to show this than America’s best patriot. The writers and illustrators used the creation of this graphic novel as a form of therapy to deal with their emotions regarding the 9/11 attack.

When New York City needed time to unite and heal, the Tobey Macguire Spider-Man trilogy was released. The reason Spider-Man was an important superhero at this time was because he was a New York superhero, the Kid From Queens. Spider-Man symbolized our desire to help one another in times of darkness and the film trilogy was helpful to remind people of those values.

However, the Spider-Man trilogy provided a temporary release in an increasingly complex world. To depict the growing complexity of the post 9/11 world, the Dark Knight Trilogy was released. In those films, Batman’s rogue gallery were not just supervillains but terrorists as well. Batman Begins revolved around fear and how to overcome it, which highlighted the fear that America felt in the wake of the 9/11 attack. In The Dark Knight, Batman was seen battling not just the Joker, but also the difficult questions that we deal with in the real world in terms of terrorism. To find the Joker, Batman turned every cell phone in Gotham City into a microphone in order to better pinpoint the Joker’s location. Batman’s armorer, Lucius Fox described this as “beautiful, unethical, and dangerous”. With this new system, Batman would definitely find and stop the Joker, but at what cost? This concept reflected on the Bush Administration’s policy to bug emails and phone calls without a warrant.

On the downside, as fear of future terrorist attacks grew, so too did hatred and prejudice against Muslims. To counter the growing Islamophobia, Marvel Comics created a version of Ms. Marvel known as Kamala Khan. Kamala Khan is a Muslim American superhero who demonstrated that not all Muslims were terrorists and to highlight America’s ever-growing diversity. Kamala Khan has a similar backstory to Peter Parker, a superhuman teenager who juggles her double life as a high school student and a vigilante. Even though Kamala Khan is a fictional character, the message she was conveying made its point. The character was a complete success to the public. In one instance, there was hate speech graffiti against Muslims painted on the side of a bus. In response, comic book fans painted an image of Kamala Khan over the hate speech.

Overall, even though the real world will never see superheroes, the messages and symbolized that they convey are very significant. Even in our darkest hours, the constantly evolving image of the superhero inspires the public and gives them hope when none can be found. Although superheroes can depict an idealized version of ourselves, they can also be used to highlight the constantly growing complexity of the world around us.



For the past couple days, a series of bombs attempted to assassinate the Obamas, Clintons, CNN, and other critics of Trump. Fortunately, none of the bombs went off and the FBI received an ample amount of evidence to hunt the suspect down. However, I fear this crisis is far from over. Trump may not have made the bombs or sent them in the mail, but his hateful words started the whole damn thing. He has been spreading so much fear, hatred, and distrust that this was inevitable. Trump was given an opportunity to unify the nation in the wake of this crisis and he failed. He may have called for unity, but his words were hollow because shortly afterwards he went back to his usual self by attacking the media. He could try to calm his base down, but it is too late. Pandora’s Box has been opened and I don’t know if it can be closed again. The American people want unity in the wake of this crisis, but they will NEVER find it in Trump because spreading fear and hate is all he is good at. All of this madness has to stop NOW!!! Trump better pray that all of the bombs have been found because if there are more and they explode and kill people, then Trump will have as much blood on his hands as the bombers themselves.