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I have watched the entire show of Game of Thrones and I must say that I am at my breaking point with the series. The mutiny against Jon Snow was the final straw for me and I have expectations for Season 6 that are unexpected. I have grown so tired of watching bad things happen to good people like the Starks while corrupt individuals like the Lannisters and their allies continue to commit atrocities. Therefore, I am rooting for the White Walkers, which is something I never thought I would do. I want the White Walkers to breach the Wall and wipe out the Seven Kingdoms along with their wretched system and hateful status quo. I want the slate wiped clean so that Westeros can have a fresh start and hopefully make a better system from the ashes, if they survive the White Walker invasion that is. Also, I hope Daenerys Targaryen will return to glory and finally prove to the Dothraki that she is strong enough to lead them. Winter has come!


I watched the whole first season of Gotham and am currently watching the second season. The show is a unique explanation to not only the origins of Batman, but also his entire rogue gallery. I enjoyed how the Penguin was portrayed as an apex predator who started from nothing and then swiftly rose through the underworld hierarchy. With Bruce Wayne, I was interested in his transformation as a character that resulted from the murder of his parents. In a way, the boy died with his parents and the man rose to take his place, paving the way to becoming Batman. One of my favorite characters in the show is Bruce’s butler Alfred Pennyworth. Since Alfred is ex-military, when the situation requires it, don’t mess with the butler! Now that the new season has started, I am eager to see the rise of supervillains such as the Riddler and the Joker as well as how Penguin consolidates his power over the underworld. Overall, the show depicts how Gotham City was before Batman emerged to protect it. I would recommend this show to anyone who is a fan of the Batman franchise.