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While I was at the medieval tournament, I came across a number of interesting armor designs. Among those designs was this scale mail, which was made from metal segments interconnected through normal chainmail. This provides it with extra protection to the wearer. I like the design so much that I am thinking of including this design in my fantasy book.



I discovered an interesting and exotic weapon called the pata, which is a combination between a sword and a gauntlet. Because it was latched onto the arm, the blade of this weapon had more power than the average sword. Also, the gauntlet section can act as protection against enemy weapon strikes. From what I can see, if it was modified properly it could make a good medieval prosthetic arm. I might toy with this idea for my fantasy book.


I have always been a fan of Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond especially since they started their new show The Grand Tour. One of my favorite of their stunts was recreating cars in unique and unexpected ways such as building homemade amphibious cars. In their new show The Grand Tour they took their innovations a step further by building cars made of nature. Jeremy Clarkson’s car, in particular looked like a combination of something from Mad Max and The Flintstones because it had a chassis made of animal hide, meat, and bones. What will these crazy men think of next?


I discovered something extraordinary on the news: a drivable 3D-printed car! The technology to create these cars was amazing beyond words and it gave me some ideas of what to include in my sequel series. Since my sequel series will take place in a futuristic world, I am thinking of including a more advanced version of this technology. I am getting excited thinking about it.