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I found another video that depicted a real life lightsaber. Instead of a blade of energy, this lightsaber was a rob made from multiple metals with high melting points. Once the rod was superheated to around 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, it would glow and cut through pretty much anything. However, while the Star Wars lightsabers either cauterized or melted through anything they cut, this lightsaber not only melted and cauterized things but also set them on fire. Another feature that set it apart from Star Wars lightsabers was that its power came from a cable and power pack it was hooked up to. This was similar to the protosabers in the Legends continuity. They do not have the technology to make the lightsaber self sufficient like in the movies so they have to make do with the cable and power pack.


I found this video on Youtube and it showed a bunch of guys building a real life laser gun that was based on a weapon in the game Overwatch. The end result was quite frightening and fascinating at the same time. They showed how real life technology can create a real life science fiction weapon. I wonder how this technology would develop as its flaws are worked out.


I once saw a documentary about futuristic technology and it described a very disturbing usage of nanotechnology. Even though nanites can be used to cure cancer, heal injuries, and improve human physical conditioning, they can also be used for more sinister uses. Instead of healing, nanites could theoretically be used as a technologically advanced torture device. Once injected into a subject, the nanites would tear the subject apart atom by atom. This way, the nanites would operate like a flesh eating disease that eats them from the inside out. I am thinking of drawing inspiration from this concept in order to come up with the origin story the first supervillain in my new superhero series. It will be horrid, but the end result will be terrifying.