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Another frightening and exotic weapon I hope to include in my fantasy book is an African blade called the hunga munga. This weapon was a combination between a battle axe and throwing knife. Due to its elaborate craftsmanship, the hunga munga had edges and blades every which way. Since it was traditionally wielded by tribesmen, I thought it would be fitting to give this weapon to the culture I will base on my Celtic ancestors in my fantasy world.


Panabas Book

As I mentioned before in some of my earlier posts, I am thinking of including very exotic weapons in my fantasy book. For instance, I am thinking of giving the Celt-like culture in my fantasy world tribal weapons from Africa and the Philippines. One such example is the panabas, which is a weapon from the Philippines that was used for war, agriculture, and executions. In my fantasy book, I am thinking of having the panabas the design in this picture above, but I will be making a few changes to the weapon. The blade will be made from bronze instead of iron or steel. The wrapping will be made from either rawhide, sinew, or leather. The handle will be made from either ivory, bone, or wood. What do you think?



I discovered an exotic type of sword called a kris, which features a wavy blade. The wavy blade allows the sword to cut more deeply than a regular straight sword. Not only do I like the killing power of the kris, but I like its unique style. Due to this I am thinking of making a kris sword the weapon of choice of a villain in my fantasy book because it looks like something a villain would wield.


Another weapon I intend to include in my fantasy book is a type of sword I discovered recently called the Katzbalger. The Katzbalger was introduced during the Renaissance and used by German mercenaries to keep the peace of the Holy Roman Empire. They were also used by pikemen, archers, and crossbowmen as a last resort when enemy soldiers got too close. The Katzbalger can be identified by the rounded tip and S-shaped crossguard.



While watching Forged in Fire, I discovered a wide variety of different weapons that I could potentially use in my fantasy book. Among these weapons is the falcata, which was introduced by my Celtic ancestors before spreading to the rest of Western Europe. In some ways, the falcata operates like a machete as it hacks through enemy lines with powerful one-handed strikes. Also, this sword reminds me of the weapon of choice of Alexander the Great, which fits perfectly well with the theme of my fantasy book. Because I am drawing inspiration from my Celtic ancestors, I am thinking of including this sword in some of the factions in the fantasy world of my book.