One of the most disturbing superhuman powers would probably be the hive mind. A hive mind is when a single consciousness inhabits multiple bodies at the same time. Bees and ants have this ability and it makes them more organized and coordinated than a normal army where everyone has a mind of their own. I am thinking of creating a character who possesses a hive mind and it will allow them to commit multiple actions at the same time.



As for the main villain of my superhuman series, I am thinking of making them a decrepit old cyborg who is the fascist dictator of the government in the story. They became a cyborg as a result of a failed assassination attempt. The way I will depict them will be creepy because there will be little of their old self left. Also, they will be an individual who is seeking a way to cheat death and rule humanity forever. Overall, this is going to be one of the most complex supervillains I ever created.



I have been watching a superhero documentary on the History Channel called Superheroes Decoded. It talked about the origins of the superhero genre and how it has evolved over the past century of American history. It talked about how every superhero served as a representation of the times America was in. This was an enjoyable show to watch and I would recommend it to anyone who is curious about the origins of the superhero genre and how it ties in to American history. I am thinking of following this show’s lead and basing my new superhumans on the times America is currently in. There is definitely more than enough inspiration to go around.


For the villain in the first volume of my superhuman series, I am thinking of taking a more creative approach than before. This character will start out as a weakling who is always picked on by bullies and suffers from an inferiority complex. When this character gets powers, they finally have a means to strike back at their tormentors. However, the growth of this power as well as their increasing ego and their inferiority complex being replaced by a superiority complex gradually turns the character insane and mindless until they are no longer capable of rational thought. Eventually, this character goes on a rampage that would change the course of futuristic history. Basically, this character will represent some of my darkest impulses.



One of the most infamous supervillains would have to be Doomsday because he was the one who killed Superman. The chaos, death, and destruction he leaves in his wake certainly earn him his name. His duel with Superman was easily one of the most epic hero/villain battles I have ever seen. This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, Doomsday being the unstoppable force and Superman being the immovable object. In addition, I like Doomsday’s ability to regenerate from any injury and adapt to it so that he could not be beaten the same way twice. This power easily makes him one of Superman’s deadliest enemies because he keeps coming back stronger and more durable than before.