Out of all the battles in My Hero Academia, the one I am looking forward to the most would be the inevitable showdown between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki. The thing I like about these two is that they are reflections of one another. As children, they both dreamed of becoming heroes, but their upbringings were as different as night and day. Izuku was raised by a kind mother who always supported his dream of becoming a superhero. Shigaraki, on the other hand, was raised by an abusive father and a cowardly family who did nothing to protect him. As Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars once said, “Pups who are abused often grow into vicious creatures.” If they swapped upbringings, Izuku could have become the villain and Shigaraki the hero. That is how similar they are. This similarity reminds me of opposites like Green Lantern and Sinestro, Flash and Reverse-Flash, and Aquaman and Ocean Master.

Izuku and Shigaraki were both trained by two sworn enemies: Izuku by All Might and Shigaraki by All For One. Due to their respective tutelage, Izuku and Shigaraki have been groomed and trained to succeed their mentors as both the greatest superhero and greatest supervillain. These two represent the next generation in the never-ending battle between good and evil, light and darkness, order and chaos, life and death.

There have been hints that both Izuku and Shigaraki may become more powerful than their mentors ever were. This was foreshadowed by the fact that Izuku is in the process of awakening powers that have been dormant in One For All, which was something even All Might could not do. As for Shigaraki, he is undergoing a transformative surgery that will allow him to surpass both All For One and One For All. When both Izuku and Shigaraki reach their full potential, it will be a serious clash of the titans the likes of which society has never seen before.

However, before that final clash can begin, we must look at the story so far. For the moment, Shigaraki is at 75 % power and may not reach 100%. Izuku has only awakened one of the dormant powers in One For All and has only mastered 20% of One For All’s full power. Given the fact that Shigaraki will be remade to surpass One For All, even at 75% power, I strongly believe that Shigaraki could easily thrash or even kill Izuku in his current state. As the main hero, we all know Izuku will not die, which means Shigaraki will just give him a serious beating in their next encounter. This will mark the gap between them and present Izuku the challenge of catching up to Shigaraki in order to fight him as an equal. Also, if Shigaraki stays at 75% power, that may be what prevents him from surpassing One For All, which will give Izuku the fighting chance he needs in the endgame.

If Shigaraki destroys hero society, Japan will be in a constant state of war and chaos. With the concept of a Hero License becoming irrelevant as well as law and order vanishing, Izuku and his classmates may become vigilantes and constantly resist the new supervillain society. Since Izuku will survive his next encounter with Shigaraki, he will be given plenty of opportunities to fight supervillains, which will allow him to grow stronger with each battle. Real life-or-death situations tend to be more effective training than any kind of simulated training. This will allow Izuku and his classmates to grow in a way they never did in school. With enough battles and life-or-death situations, Izuku may be able to reach his full potential, setting the stage for his final battle with Shigaraki.

When both Izuku and Shigaraki fight one last time, I can imagine it being a clash between god-like beings. At the start of the story, Izuku said that the story of My Hero Academia is the story of how he became the greatest superhero. Perhaps this battle is what allows him to achieve that status. I haven’t been this excited about a battle between superheroes and supervillains since the Avengers going against Thanos in Endgame. I know there is much of the story that needs to be told and it could take a long time for the final showdown to appear, but I am willing to wait and enjoy the story.


The following post has some spoilers from the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

The Symbol of Terror and Angel of Death, Tomura Shigaraki, may be starting to wake up at the end of the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. Throughout the chapter, we received a hint of just how terrifying Shigaraki has become due to his surgery. When Mirko sees what Shigaraki has become, her survival instinct kicked in. She knew what she was looking at was the embodiment of fear and death. As such, Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki before he wakes up and kills everyone. Mirko described Shigaraki as a “thing” as though he wasn’t even human anymore. It was like she saw him as an unholy Lovercraftian monster that was waiting to wake up.

The fact that a superhero as fearless as Mirko was afraid of Shigaraki’s new form demonstrates that he has become so much more than when he fought Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation Army. This further strengthens my suspicions that Shigaraki has evolved into a Thanos-level supervillain. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shigaraki beats up Endeavor in the same manner Thanos beat up the Hulk.

Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki with a headshot, but her grievous injuries threw off her aim. As a result, Mirko was only able to crack the front of Shigaraki’s tank and disconnect some of its tubes.

When Mirko’s fellow superheroes finally arrived, a dialogue bubble appeared from Shigaraki’s tank, which hints that he is waking up. Mirko tried to kill Shigaraki, but it looks like all she succeeded in doing was awaken a sleeping giant. Shigaraki was even smiling in his tank and his eyes were starting to open, which implies he is somehow aware of what is happening outside his tank.

Overall, it looks like we will see the full extent of Shigaraki’s makeover in the next chapter. He is currently only at 75% full power, but I am very certain that he will be more than powerful enough to give the superheroes the beating of their lives. The heroes may have Aizawa’s power negation, but I wonder if Shigaraki’s new powers are too strong for even Aizawa to negate. Even if Shigaraki’s powers are negated, it looks like his surgery gave him some physical augmentations that made him extremely muscular. This implies that he can still physically best all the heroes even while his powers are being negated by Aizawa. Overall, I expect to see a one-sided massacre in the next chapter as Shigaraki wakes up and mops the floor with the heroes.

I can see some Biblical themes with Shigaraki and his awakening. His original power symbolizes death and the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse symbolizes death. When the Horseman of Death rides, Hell follows him. I think we will see something similar happen when Shigaraki awakens. When he wakes up and emerges from his tube, the world as the heroes know it will end.


Shigaraki Tube

Before I proceed, I should warn you this post is full of spoilers. In the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia, it looks grim for the Paranormal Liberation Front as the heroes lay siege to their strongholds. However, there seems to be a ray of hope for the villains. That ray of hope comes in the form of their leader, Tomura Shigaraki. At the end of the last chapter, it looks like the heroes are about to crack open Shigaraki’s capsule. However, I think that would be a HUGE mistake for the heroes. If the heroes wanted to prevent Shigaraki from powering up, I believe they are too late. They should have taken out Shigaraki before he even gotten his surgery rather than wait until he was a month away from completing it. Last we checked, Shigaraki was about 71% done with his surgery. However, we don’t know if Ujiko did something to Shigaraki behind the scenes that sped up his surgery. Cracking his capsule open may prevent him from becoming more powerful, but it is likely he is now too powerful for the heroes to defeat. In the most recent chapter, we learned that Doctor Ujiko’s High-End Nomu were capable of stabilizing themselves without the aid of their capsules, which was demonstrated when they wised up to Mirko’s tactics and gradually became stronger, faster, and deadlier. I think Shigaraki will be the same way. He may be awakened from his surgery too early, but he may be able to stabilize himself independently. With just his Decay power by itself, Shigaraki can disintegrate the entire hospital and everyone in it. We don’t even know what other powers Doctor Ujiko gave him, which will make Shigaraki even more dangerous and unpredictable. Even in his unstable state, I think Shigaraki will be too powerful for the heroes to defeat and he will force the heroes in the hospital to retreat. I don’t think the heroes should crack open Shigaraki’s capsule at all. As long as he is in that capsule, he is not a threat and he is contained. He may complete his surgery, but he will be sealed. If the heroes open it even in his current state, they will essentially be releasing the Devil himself and all the powers of Hell. After that, it will be impossible to put the genie back in the bottle. Meanwhile at the villains’ mansion, Gigantomachia is currently sitting in the shadows and watching the radio he carries rather than help the villains fend off the heroes. My guess is that Gigantomachia is waiting for orders from his new master, which is Shigaraki. By himself, Gigantomachia can easily and single-handedly turn the tide of the mansion battle in the villains’ favor. If Shigaraki awakens and gives Gigantomachia the order, it will be a total defeat for the heroes and they would be forced to retreat and regroup. Overall, I think we are about to see both battles swing in the villains’ favor.


In my new superhero book, I will be featuring a hulking supervillain that can pose a serious threat to both the superhero and the public in general. This individual will be a combination between Doomsday from DC Comics, the Tyrants from Resident Evil, and the Nomu from My Hero Academia. He will not be the final villain in the story, but he will be the superhero’s opponent before the main villain. The superhero will not walk away from this fight unscathed.


Before I proceed, I should warn you that this post may contain spoilers. I have been keeping track of the manga version of My Hero Academia and I am deeply intrigued with the transformation of Tomura Shigaraki.

After forming the Paranormal Liberation Front, Doctor Ujiko promised to make Shigaraki even stronger through a complex surgery. This process was said to last four months and be indescribably painful, but the rewards are worthwhile because it could potentially make Shigaraki even stronger than All For One. We saw how powerful All For One was during his final battle with All Might and he was way past his prime. The thought of Shigaraki being stronger than that, combined with being able to disintegrate an entire city with a single touch, would easily make Shigaraki the single most powerful and dangerous supervillain in the entire story.

In recent chapters, I saw Shigaraki get hooked up to a series of tubes and wires with Doctor Ujiko cheering from the sidelines. The surgery looks like a combination between the surgery that gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton and claws as well as the surgery that got Bane hooked to the venom super-steroid. As we learned from Izuku Midoriya, when a person receives an unnatural power, their body would either be damaged or destroyed from the extreme kickback. Considering Ujiko is making Shigaraki stronger than All For One, the power Shigaraki would gain could kill him. With this in mind, I believe that Shigaraki’s body will receive a series of physical upgrades and augmentations that would allow him to withstand the extreme kickback of his new power. Once those modifications are done, Ujiko would then proceed to implant the power or powers that would make Shigaraki stronger than All For One. However, like physical therapy or adapting to an organ transplant, I think Shigaraki would need time to get used to his intense changes. That could explain why Shigaraki’s surgery would take four months to complete.

However, due to the most recent chapters, Shigaraki is at risk of awakening from his surgery a month too early. If that happens, Shigaraki may not be able to complete his surgery and his true strength may not be realized. Either that or his body may not have fully recovered from his changes and his new power would be dangerously unstable. However, if Ujiko and his High-End Nomu can fend off the heroes and give him and Shigaraki a chance to regroup to another location, then Ujiko might buy enough time to complete the surgery. We shall see as the final war between heroes and villains begins!


I have some ideas for the origin story of my new supervillain. Basically, I will be drawing inspiration from the 1941 film known as Citizen Kane. In Citizen Kane, a man who had everything started out as a rebellious idealist before his wealth and power gradually and inevitably corrupted and isolated him. Basically, my supervillain will be an aspiring young politician who comes from a privileged background. When his powers manifest, he realizes that he could use his powers to further his political ambitions. At first, he pursues his political agenda out of naive idealism, but over time it corrupts him and makes him keep wanting more. Eventually, this individual becomes a full fledged supervillain and starts a campaign of chaos across the country.


I thought of a frightening power for my next supervillain to have in my next superhero book. The most common motivation for supervillains is to destroy things. With this in mind, what if their power doesn’t just destroy things, but is destruction itself. Imagine being able to destroy everything you touch until not even dust remains. The most extreme example of destruction was in the anime Bleach, where a character possessed a power of destruction that was so complete that not even his target’s soul would be able to reincarnate itself. To make my new supervillain’s power even more devastating, I think I will give them a form of destruction that destroys their target’s body and mind. As the target’s body disintegrates, parts of their mind including memories and emotions also fade away until nothing is left. You could also control how fast your target is destroyed. You could destroy them instantaneously or destroy them slowly and painfully. The very thought of this power frightens me to the extreme, which assures me that it will make my new supervillain all the more terrifying.


I have been reading the latest chapters of My Hero Academia and I was overwhelmed by Tomura Shigaraki’ transformation as a supervillain. In his most recent battle, Shigaraki managed to free himself of all restrictions and as a result reached his full power. Earlier in the series, Shigaraki’s decaying powers were able to disintegrate whatever he touched. Sometimes his target would be an opponent’s arm and as he progressed he was able to disintegrate a whole person instantly. Now, Shigaraki’s decaying powers have reached apocalyptic levels to the point in which he could destroy an entire city with a single touch and whatever attacks are used against him are disintegrated as well. He now has unstoppable attacks and impenetrable defenses. Not only did Shigaraki win his battle, but he also acquired an army of over a hundred thousand loyal followers. Not only has Shigaraki’s power been increased and his spirit freed of all moral restrictions, but he acquired a sense of charisma that he previously lacked. As a result, some of his new minions used to work for his master All For One and now they are working for Shigaraki. In a single battle, Shigaraki reached his full potential as a supervillain, gained a massive army, and wields more resources and influence than the entire superhero community. He has become the single greatest threat to both superheroes and society as a whole since All For One at his height. To make matters worse, Shigaraki is currently undergoing a form of surgery that will make him even more powerful; possibly stronger than All For One! I watched Shigaraki destroy an entire city with a single touch so it is terrifying to think how he could become stronger than even that! It is official; Tomura Shigaraki is on his way to become a Thanos-level supervillain. I look forward to seeing Shigaraki complete his transformation when he finishes his surgery. Even though Izuku Midoriya is destined to fight Shigaraki, he currently doesn’t stand a chance against Shigaraki even without the surgery. It is going to be interesting to see how Midoriya will close the power gap between them.


After much brainstorming for the first major supervillain in my upcoming superhero book, I have decided on what he will be like. He will essentially be Karl Ruprect Kroenen, the Joker, and Dr. Frankenstein all rolled into one. Like the Joker, my character will be a nihilistic and psychopathic anarchist. Like Karl Ruprect Kroenen, my character will be a deadly fighter when the situation requires and will have done extensive and horrific modifications to his own body. Like Dr. Frankenstein, my character will be a chaotic scientist who does not care about morals or ethics as long as his thirst for knowledge is appeased in the end. Overall, my character is going to be a serious and nasty piece of work!


I had a frightening idea about the first major supervillain in my new superhero book. This guy is going to be VERY messed up both physically and mentally. He will suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, which gives him an uncontrollable urge to physically mutilate and modify himself. He also is both a sadist and a masochist, meaning that he LOVES inflicting pain and receiving pain. He also has narcissistic personality disorder, thinking anything he makes or mutilates are his masterpieces. Finally, he will be a nihilistic anarchist who wants to watch the world burn. All of this is combined with a genius level intellect allows him to use his intellect in unpredictable ways. To make him even creepier, I will be giving him a mad scientist-like accent such as Eastern European like Doctor Frankenstein. I guess you could say I am attempting to create a supervillain who is just as insane as the Joker, which is a mighty challenge because the Joker is as crazy as they come. This guy is going to be one of the darkest and  most messed up supervillains I have ever made.