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One of the main characters in my new superhero series will be an empath, which is someone who can sense the emotions of others. I am thinking of depicting an empath’s abilities in a unique way. Instead of just sensing emotions, what if they could taste the emotions of those around them. Each emotion would have their own distinct flavor. What do you think? Do you think this would be a fun new way of perceiving other peoples’ emotions? Please share your thoughts.



One power I am thinking of including in my superhuman series is what I call “damage empowerment”. With damage empowerment, you would become stronger, faster, and more durable the more you are injured. Whenever you sustain an injury, your body will regenerate and your body will become more empowered. The greater the injury, the more powerful you will become. I am thinking of giving one of the main characters this power. They will be grievously injured repeatedly, but they will become one of the strongest characters as a result.


After much analysis and brainstorming, I believe I have thought of what superhuman powers to include in my future superhuman series. There will be ten distinct collections of powers, each with their own distinct specialization. Each category of superhumans will be given a code name to designate that specific category. However, there is an eleventh category that is potentially the mightiest category of them all, but it will be a superhuman who is one of a kind and the only member of that category.


In my superhuman series, I will be introducing a concept I call psychic torture. When being tortured by telekinesis, the torturer can break bones like twigs, slice through flesh cleaner than any physical blade, and apply pressure to organs. With telepathy, the torturer can project nightmarish illusions or blast the subject’s mind with enough psionic energy to cause indescribable mental pain that could either kill, lobotomize, traumatize, or render the victim unconscious. Imagine a psychic torturer using all of these methods simultaneously on their target and they would do it all without any physical contact with their victim at all.


In superhero comics, we have seen characters with superhuman intelligence such as Brainiac and the Thinker. While watching Stan Lee’s Superhumans, I saw a video of a man with real life superhuman intelligence. He utilized his intellect by solving complex mathematical equations faster than a calculator. I noticed that the more complex the equation, the faster this guy gets when solving the equation. Brain scans showed that even though his brain was less active than an average person, but the problem-solving sections of his brain had fused with the parts of his brain that governed instinct, reflexes, and reaction time. As a result of this, he could solve complex equations on an instinctual level. I will be keeping this in mind when writing my superhuman series.



I just saw Avengers: Infinity War and I finally got to see the omnipotence of the Infinity Gauntlet on the big screen! When all six Infinity Stones were combined into the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos had the power to wipe out half the universe’s population with just a snap of his fingers and defeated the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy with ease. This got me wondering what I would do if I wielded the Infinity Gauntlet’s omnipotence. Personally, I would do something similar to what Thanos did only instead of wiping out random people, I would wipe out everyone who is evil such as terrorists, dictators, corrupt politicians, dirty cops, school bullies, mobsters, drug dealers, arms dealers, human traffickers, thugs, loan sharks, murderers, rapists, abusive parents, and all other individuals like them. With every evil person wiped out instantly without the risk of collateral damage, I would give the world a chance to spend a generation or two without evil and they would know peace at last. In addition, I would end poverty, famine, war, and quite literally bring peace not only to Earth but to the entire universe. Also, I would eliminate pollution and turn every planet, moon, and planetoid in the universe into the thriving paradise with plants and animals aplenty. Once all that is done, then I will just toss the Gauntlet away and live a normal life. If I have any lingering doubts about my methods, then I will just use the Mind Stone to wipe out everyone’s (including mine) memories of my involvement. What about you? What would you do if you wielded the Infinity Gauntlet’s omnipotence?


I saw another video from Stan Lee’s Superhumans where a man slices through a gun pellet moving at 200 miles per hour from 50 feet away with a katana. This was truly superhuman because something that small moving that fast would be impossible for an average person to see and counter and yet this man was able to slice through it with a katana. The speed, reflexes, skill, and precision of this feat were all on superhuman levels. One of the characters in my superhuman series will be using a katana so this will give me a better idea of how that character would use it on a superhuman level.


I watched another video from Stan Lee’s Superhumans that featured a man from Scotland who can see into the future for real! His visions were so accurate that he thwarted a terrorist attack from the IRA and as a result, he was sought after by Interpol, CIA, and MI5. However, his visions did not provide a direct vision into the future as you would expect. Instead, his visions provided subtle and cryptic clues to the future and after much examination the clues fitted into the future he was presented. His visions could only be seen in dreams and they were a rather bizarre version of lucid dreaming. While sleeping, the conscious and subconscious parts of his mind are very active and he would wake up and write down clues he had seen in his visions. One could argue that the truth of precognition is stranger than fiction. I will draw inspiration from this man because this kind of precognition will provide a little mystery to the story in my superhuman series.