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What would you do if you could make anything explode with the power of your mind? This power can be achieved by infusing your target with energy until it explodes. For example, if your target is a person, then you turn them into a living bomb. To quote the first Ghostbusters movie, “Imagine life as you know it ending instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.” That pretty much sums up what happens to the target of this power.



Imagine having skin and muscles that are so flexible and durable that they can absorb the impact of any attack. Punching characters with this ability has been described to be like punching a pillow. This would make a character like a living punching bag, but they would be a punching bag that could punch back. I am thinking of including a Hulk-like character in my new superhero series with this power.


I remember watching 2001: A Space Odyssey in my film history class and this particular scene came to mind instantly. This is easily one of the most iconic scenes in film history. Three million years ago, a troop of apes came in contact with monolith that was alien in nature. Through the monolith’s influence, these primitive apes started to evolve into the dominant species on the planet. I have always liked the idea that aliens influenced our evolution and development as sentient beings. In fact, I am thinking of doing something similar in my new superhero series. Similar to Captain Marvel, the powers of the superhumans in my new series will be alien in nature. I have chosen this route because it is clearly obvious that acquiring superhuman powers is not possible through Earth’s technology. Therefore, more advanced civilizations may have a way to make us superhuman without killing us.



There have been countless examples of superhumans that possess multiple powers. A few cases involved these characters combining several powers to create powerful and unpredictable techniques. For example, the supervillain known as All For One from My Hero Academia (pictured above) displayed the following mixture: air pressure manipulation, muscle mass manipulation, four kinetic energy boosters, and three strength enhancers. The end result produced a shockwave that was powerful enough to overwhelm even the mightiest of opponents as well as demolish his surrounding environment for miles. In my new superhero series, both the main hero and the main villain will each have many powers and can combine these powers into complex mixtures. This will make their duel to the death even more epic and destructive than if they each had only one power.


I had a new book idea that involves creating an encyclopedia of every superhuman power in the superhero genre. I have acquired a great deal of knowledge about superhumans and their powers that I feel like sharing my knowledge with the rest of the world. I thought the best way would be to compile an encyclopedia of superpowers. Let me know what you think and I will let you know when I make it.


For my new superhero series, I am thinking of making the powers of superhuman more grounded in reality compared to my previous works. To draw inspiration for the mechanics of real life superpowers, I watched Stan Lee’s show known as Superhumans, which shows real people with real powers. In this clip, we get to see a Shaolin monk that could make his body indestructible and deliver a punch that is twice as deadly as a 30 mile per hour car crash. I am thinking of drawing inspiration from these displays of super strength and invulnerability among many others.


I am thinking of including a speedster character in my new superhero series. Personally, I think a speedster character is one of the easiest superhero characters to create for a number of reasons. First, a speedster would be arrogant and a show-off because they would move so fast that hardly anyone could catch them. Second, a speedster would be hyperactive because their superhuman speed would give them a lot of energy and stamina like they are on a constant dose of adrenaline. Third, a speedster would be impatient because they would move so fast that everything around them would look like its going in slow motion to them. I am thinking of including these qualities to my speedster character and they will be the comic relief of the story like a chipmunk with ADHD on too much caffeine.



Imagine being able to fire a concentrated beam of energy from your mouth. You could cause large scale death and destruction with a single breath. This would be like Cyclops’s power except the beam comes from the mouth instead of the eyes. I am thinking of giving one of the supervillains in my new superhero series this ability and it will be frightening.


The main character of my new superhero series will have the ability to copy the powers of other superhumans. With this ability the character would have the potential to utilize multiple powers at the same time. This won’t be the initial power level. At the beginning of the story, they will only use one copied power at a time, but as the story progresses they will gradually use multiple powers at once. This would make them a superhuman powerhouse that will be difficult to overcome. It is an exciting process to consider and I look forward to depicting it in the story.



I have mixed feelings about The Darkest Minds. It was neither good nor bad. It was just enjoyable. I liked the idea of superhuman children being persecuted by the government because it gave a certain vulnerability to the characters. The ending hinted the possibility of a sequel and I would recommend this film to anyone who is seeking an enjoyable science fiction film.