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When I started writing my second volume, I realized the possibility that the Young Guardians could become so effective at fighting crime that the criminal underworld would become desperate for a way to even the odds against the Young Guardians.  For that, I had the criminal underworld develop an experimental performance enhancer that they call Steroline, which is a hybrid word between steroids and adrenaline.  What this drug does is temporarily increases the strength, speed, endurance, and pain resistance of an individual.  It can potentially multiply a user’s physical capabilities by ten for a span of ten to fifteen minutes.  But when used in large doses, it can cause a person to go berserk, or potentially kill a person.  When coming up with this drug, I drew inspiration from the Viking Berserkers, who were capable of entering such an intense state of rage that they would become inhumanly strong and resilient.  With that in mind, I wondered what would happen if the Young Guardians encountered individuals who attained such ferocity.  In later works, it will be revealed that Steroline will be the first piece to a larger puzzle.


As many of you are aware, I have been researching every known superhuman ability to put together an arsenal for all forthcoming characters of my series.  After extensive effort, I have decided on which one is my all-time favorite power: REALITY WARPING. The inner workings and definition of this power is to alter reality itself by will alone and make whatever I imagine real.  As a writer, I have a very powerful imagination and have always wanted to manifest it in more than just in the form of books.  I could create entire dimensions, new life forms, or limitless wealth.  On the other hand, this power could also be used for dark and destructive purposes such as obliterating planets, wiping a species from existence, or making a person die with a single thought.  Personally, I prefer the more positive aspects of this power because I could do some real good for the world.  The only known limitation of this ability is my imagination itself.  So, this would be the perfect power for me.


Gregory is the friendly and social member of the Young Guardians.  The powers he gained from the Genesis Spell include potent telepathic and telekinetic abilities.  Gregory is the kind of person who respects the privacy of others and only uses his telepathic powers when he has few options, such as interrogating a criminal.  His telekinesis was originally strong enough to lift objects as large as a bus, but in the second volume, they grow to the point in which he could dismantle an object on an atomic level.  Along with Joshua, Gregory tends to pull pranks on Derek, which they sometimes videotape.  In many ways, Gregory is the soul of the team because his integrity and kindness often keep the team together when they would otherwise fall apart.


Written by Dan Jurgens, when I first read this graphic novel, it broke my heart that one of the most beloved superheroes was being critically injured during the fight of his life.  Still, there were numerous cases where Superman was portrayed as all but invincible.  With that in mind, it was satisfactory to see Superman being pushed to his limits as he battles the monster Doomsday.  That way, Superman would have a more human side to him when engaged in extreme combat.  I believe that every superhero has their own ultimate villain that pushes them to their limits.  With Batman, his ultimate villain is Bane while Superman’s is Doomsday.


I decided to include magic in my series because I see it as something that transcends the laws of physics as we know it.  The way I see it, true magic is not something you see on a stage or show, but something that exists in another world such as an alternate reality or dimension.  In Tinisha Dolaira’s case, she comes from such a world where beings are capable of things that would not be possible in our world.  As a result, she is well-versed in magic and can utilize it in various ways.  For defensive purposes, she can use magic to heal injuries, such as those her team sustains in battle.  For offensive purposes, she can unleash beams of energy that can overwhelm most opponents.  Also, she can use magic to grant other beings superhuman abilities through the Genesis Spell, which is something she can only do once in her entire lifetime.  If real magic existed, we probably would be capable of such feats as well.


Derek Marvin is the intelligent member of the Young Guardians.  He is a strong believer in reason and logic and unlike his teammates, he was the only one who was skeptical about their potential as superheroes.  Originally, Derek was a slim youth, but after being exposed to the Genesis Spell, he is transformed into a physically strong young man with tremendous muscles.  The powers he possesses include earth manipulation, superhuman durability, and elemental transmutation.  With his elemental transmutation, Derek can use his earth manipulating abilities to alter the molecular structure of any earth-based element into whatever he chooses.  For example, he could alter coal in order to create a type of crystal that is harder than diamonds to form armor and weapons.  Despite his stubborn adherence to logic and skepticism of becoming a superhero, Derek accepts his new purpose in life and supports his teammates in their crusade against evil.


Even though the Young Guardians each have their own set of unique abilities, I gave them one power that they have in common: immortality.  They are immortal in the sense that they will never physically age, never get sick, or die of natural causes, but they can still be killed if the physical trauma they sustain is great enough.  In other words, even though they will not physically age, their minds will continue to sharpen as the years go by.  With this power shared among them, they would truly be Young Guardians of society.  I gave the characters this power because I realized that most superheroes would inevitably wither and die, leaving the world vulnerable to the wrath of evil.  So with agelessness, the Young Guardians will be able to save the world for a good long while.



When I designed one of the main characters of my series, Patrick Donovan, I based him on the positive aspects of my personality. In addition, I gave him the powers that I would want to have if I was a superhero, which included fire-based powers. Also, he has insecurities and doubts about his potential as a superhero. He is haunted by the murder of his younger sister, which gives him a strong dislike of all that is evil. Patrick starts out as an average teenager who is a social outcast and trying to live a normal life. However, when he becomes superhuman, Patrick has a psychological struggle with his own power, which is linked with his anger and hatred. He does not feel comfortable with the idea that he is considered the team leader, but nevertheless, is eager to join his teammates in their crusade against evil.


One of my favorite superpowers has always been pyrokinesis or fire manipulation because of the powerful ferocity it can give the user.  When I was designing one of the main characters of The Young Guardians Saga, Patrick Donovan, I wanted to give him a power that stood apart from ordinary fire manipulation.  To that end, I turned my attention to my favorite of all mythological beasts: dragons.  I wish to give Patrick features of a dragon while maintaining his human form, so I decided to give him the ability to generate and control the very flames that dragons breathe.  Apart from wielding dragon fire, I wanted this power to have a psychological effect on Patrick whenever he uses it to the extreme, which would result in giving Patrick the ferocious mindset of a dragon.