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There have been cases in which superheroes had personal servants who were not only their most prized employees, but also their trusted confidants and loyal friends. Two of the most prominent examples would be the butlers of Batman and Iron-Man, Alfred Pennyworth and Edwin Jarvis respectively. For my new superhero book, I will be giving my main character a personal servant, but instead of a butler, his servant will be his housekeeper. Unlike some housekeepers, this character will dress like a butler instead of a maid. This character will be thirty years older than her employer and will be of Irish nationality.

I have decided to dedicate this character to my great grandparents. My father told me many entertaining stories about my great grandparents. My great grandfather was a tall, strong man who came to America from Ireland at around the turn of the century in 1900. My great grandmother was a petite yet powerful woman and a devout Christian. The stories I hear about my great grandmother are particularly entertaining especially with how she interacted with my grandfather and his brothers. My grandfather and his brothers were the biggest and toughest men in their hometown and the only thing they feared was my great grandmother; their sainted mother. Despite her small size, my great grandmother had willpower that was as strong and unbreakable as solid iron.

With these facts in mind, my housekeeper character will be a combination between my two great grandparents. She will be Irish like my great grandfather and she will be small yet fierce like my great grandmother. Both of my great grandparents lived before my time so making a character based on them will be my way of meeting them. I have included my parents, sister, and grandmother in my books so I have decided to branch out and include some of the mother loved ones in my books.


I have been rewatching the documentary known as Superheroes: Decoded, which gives a detailed description of the origins of the modern superhero genre and how it reflected the past century of American history. Even though there were several pop culture heroes such as The Shadow, Doc Savage, and Zorro, the first true superhero was Superman, who was introduced to the world in 1938. After Superman, comic book companies tried to make something that could rival Superman in terms of popularity and there were countless failures that are largely forgotten. However, the next major superhero to follow Superman was Batman. Batman was created to reflect the urban fears of the gritty city. The thirties were a time when the Great Depression struck America hard. While Superman was meant to give people hope in the face of the Great Depression, Batman was created to reflect the grim reality of crime-ridden cities. From this perspective, both Superman and Batman represent opposing sides of the human psyche with Superman signifying the ego and Batman signifying the dark subconscious. Even Batman’s origin story, which is the most unchanged out of all major superheroes, represented what could happen to you in a crime-stricken city.


I have reached the sixth chapter of my new superhero book and things are heating up. Not only will this chapter portray my superhero’s first acts of heroism, but it will also introduce the female lead. The female lead is a character who is a fighter to the core, but fighting is a way for her to forget her traumatic past. Still, no matter how hard she trains, her dark past haunts her when she least expects it. The nature of her past will be revealed in future chapters, but it will serve as an integral part of her character development. Fortunately, her first encounter with the main superhero gives her a way to cope with her painful memories.


For some time, I thought of writing a story about a superhero with multiple powers. At first, I thought of achieving this by giving the character a form of power mimicry that would allow them to copy powers. However, I am thinking to taking a different approach with my character’s multiple powers. Instead, I am thinking of having these powers be the product of a scientific experiment. In total, my character will wield twenty different powers. These powers will be my all-time favorite powers in one character. To prevent my superhero from being too powerful, he can only use one power at a time and using several powers at the same time puts a serious strain on his body. In addition, the final supervillain will have just as many powers and will serve as a foil to the superhero.


Today, I got an idea for the main character of my new superhero book to have his own bodyguard. This bodyguard will be superhuman and be as strong as the Hulk. However, due to a crippling injury, they cannot speak. Even so, this character will have a sense of humor that allows him to make anyone laugh without saying a word. This would be similar to how Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean made people laugh in this fashion, using only their facial expressions and body language. So, in addition to protecting his client, this character will also make them laugh with good humor. Also, this character would be a good representation of what happens to superhumans who are used as weapons before being discarded when the government has no more use for them.


It has come to my attention that bigotry and hate crimes are on the rise in recent years. Since my new superhero book will reflect the times America is currently in, I will be featuring a group of anti-superhuman activists who frequently commit hate crimes against superhumans. If you are superhuman, you automatically become a target for this group. This group will be some of the first criminals the superhero will face when he starts his crusade against crime.