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I saw the final trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One and I am completely excited to see it. I plan to see the midnight premiere just as I did for The Force Awakens. We finally get a good look of Darth Vader in the new film and I am excited to hear James Earl Jones return as that magnificent voice! Also, I look forward to finally finding out how the rebels stole the Death Star plans in the first place and how they won their first major victory against the Galactic Empire. May the Force be with us all!



As a devout Star Wars fanatic, I am completely excited about the new film, Star Wars: Rogue One! I am thrilled about this particular Star Wars film because it will depict the theft of the Death Star plans that will set the stage for A New Hope. For those of you who read the opening crawl of A New Hope, the theft of the Death Star plans is the first major victory the Rebel Alliance gained against the Galactic Empire. Due to this, Rogue One will be when we actually see that first major victory, which makes it even more exciting. To make this film even better, a character from The Clone Wars show will make his first live action appearance: Saw Gerrera! Saw is an interesting character because at this point he will have fought the Separatists during The Clone Wars and now he is fighting the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, which gives him a considerable amount of experience as a rebel fighter. Saw Gerrera will also represent the morally ambiguous area of the film because his tactics were so extreme that it is hard to tell if he is a freedom fighter or a terrorist. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing this film and intend to see the midnight premiere just as I did with The Force Awakens! May the Force be with us!



I have been reading the Star Wars Aftermath Trilogy and I believe I know the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke from The Force Awakens. In the Aftermath books, there was a mysterious Imperial Fleet Admiral who was secretly manipulating both the New Republic and the Galactic Empire’s remnants against one another in order to get rid of Imperials he deemed unworthy of his vision of a new Empire. I believe that all of these schemes and strategies will one day create what will become the First Order. This Fleet Admiral’s name was Gallius Rax and he was apparently a significant figure within the Empire’s ranks.

Rax was born on Jakku until he met Emperor Palpatine, who sensed something in Rax and tasked with guarding a significant spot in Jakku’s deserts. My guess is that in ancient times there may have been a Sith Temple buried underneath Jakku’s sands, which would explain why Palpatine was so interested in Jakku. At the end of the book, the Battle of Jakku, which created the wreckage seen in The Force Awakens, is about to begin. It’s possible that Rax is going to exhume whatever it was Palpatine tasked him with guarding. If Gallius Rax is Supreme Leader Snoke, it is possible the Battle of Jakku is where he received his disfigurements.

After guarding Palpatine’s site on Jakku, I believe Gallius Rax became a very close servant of the Emperor, maybe as close as Darth Vader or closer. In terms of personality, Rax is exactly like Palpatine in that he is cultured, intelligent, cold, and utterly ruthless. Rax is able to instill fear in his followers and orchestrate devastating political schemes, which is also similar to Palpatine. Because of their similarities, it is possible that Gallius Rax was something of a protege of Palpatine in a way Darth Vader never was and if Rax is Snoke, he may have acquired some dark side knowledge from Palpatine. The reason for this is because when Palpatine sensed something in Rax, it may have hinted that Rax was Force sensitive. Due to the Rule of Two, Palpatine could not train Rax as a Sith while Vader was his apprentice. However, that would not stop Palpatine would train Rax into a different kind of dark side agent like the Inquisitors. If the site on Jakku is Sith-related, then it is possible that Rax is going to Jakku to retrieve whatever dark side knowledge lurks inside before the Republic Fleet arrives. This would be the dark side knowledge that Snoke would one day pass onto Kylo Ren.

The similarities between Snoke and Rax are numerous. They both rule their governments from behind the scenes. They are both cold as ice, manipulative to a fault, and mysterious enigmas. Hopefully, we will receive confirmation that Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax is Supreme Leader Snoke in the third book in the Star Wars Aftermath Trilogy. Fingers crossed!



In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we are introduced to a new organization of dark side practitioners known as the Knights of Ren. From what I can tell, they have replaced the Sith as the dominant dark side practitioners in the Star Wars galaxy. So far, all we have seen of the Knights of Ren are Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo Ren, and the shadowy individuals we saw in Rey’s vision. Other than that, we know extremely little about them and all we can do is speculate until we get answers in future films.

Based on what I can see, the Knights of Ren resemble the Sith, but they are drastically different. For example, Kylo Ren and the shadowy figures in Rey’s vision possessed a ragged appearance as though they are trying to decide what their organization’s attire should be. Also, even though Kylo Ren was powerful with Force techniques, it looked as though he only possessed basic dark side knowledge. With this in mind, the Knights of Ren may be trying to discover the inner workings of the dark side of the Force, but only have a partial knowledge. Kylo Ren’s lightsaber was poorly made and unstable while the shadowy figures in Rey’s vision did not seem to possess lightsabers. This could be that they may have limited knowledge of lightsaber combat and construction. In the novelization of The Force Awakens, Supreme Leader Snoke encouraged Kylo Ren to utilize both the light and dark side rather than just the dark side, which could have played a role in Kylo Ren’s psychological instability. Due to these factors, the Knights of Ren are not as refined or powerful as their Sith predecessors.

I believe the Sith started in a similar fashion in that they tried to discover their identities as dark side practitioners and eventually perfected themselves into the evil we know and fear. If the Knights of Ren refine their attempt to use the light and dark side at the same time, then they might be a force to be reckoned with. Due to this, I think that once the Knights of Ren have perfected themselves as dark side practitioners, then they would be at the same level as the Sith or worse. I look forward to finding out more about them as the sequel trilogy unfolds.



As a devout Star Wars fanboy, I thoroughly enjoyed The Force Awakens, especially the female lead Rey. Some fans call her a Mary Sue because she became too formidable too quickly as a character, but I disagree with this belief. The reason for this is because there have been countless examples of Star Wars characters who rapidly develop their capabilities due to their connection to the Force.

For example, after Revan had his memories and power wiped away, he quickly regained his power to the point in which he could defeat the Sith Lord Darth Malak. The most well-known example is Luke Skywalker, who instinctively destroyed the first Death Star after first discovering his connection to the Force and later defeated Darth Vader after four years of minimal training. A third example is Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels, who was a fast learner and grew into a relatively formidable Force-user with a connection to both the light and dark sides of the Force all within only two years of training.

With this thought in mind, Rey is no different than any of these examples. During his conversation with Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader Snoke mentioned an “awakening” in the Force. My belief is that Rey was the source of this “awakening” because it seems her potential in the Force is so great that it caused turbulence within the Force. Because of this powerful connection to the Force, it would make sense that Rey would develop swiftly as a Force-user just as Revan, Luke, and Ezra did. In terms of lightsaber skills, she has spent her whole life living on a lawless planet where everyday is a fight for survival. This, combined with her Force-enhanced senses and reflexes would explain how she was able to best a wounded Kylo Ren.

In terms of character, I like how her personality is similar to Luke Skywalker’s in that she is brave and compassionate, but also brash and reckless. I look forward to how her training with Luke Skywalker will change her as both a character and as a Force-user.


Because I am such a devout Star Wars fan, I have analyzed everything that happened in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and made some predictions of what we might expect to see in Star Wars Episode VIII. To begin with, let us look at the current state of the galaxy in the aftermath of The Force Awakens. The Resistance may have destroyed Starkiller Base and a percentage of the First Order’s forces with it, but the First Order destroyed the capital and fleet of the Resistance’s main ally, the New Republic. With the New Republic’s government leaderless and its territory defenseless, the Resistance will have to try and assimilate whatever Republic assets remain before the First Order starts conquering Republic Space. In general, the war to come is going to be a power grab to see how much of the galaxy these two factions will acquire before resuming their struggle.

Another factor to consider is that even though the Resistance destroyed Starkiller Base, the First Order knows where the Resistance base is and will send a fleet instead if the Resistance does not evacuate. In the New Expanded Universe, Resistance’s predecessor, the Rebel Alliance did the same thing after they blew up the first Death Star in A New Hope. Therefore, the Resistance will need to find a new base to continue the fight against the First Order.

As for the Knights of Ren, we will probably see Supreme Leader Snoke in the flesh and hopefully get a taste of the dark side power he wields. Also, we will see how much more powerful Kylo Ren will become due to Snoke’s training and he might become even more worthy of his grandfather’s legacy. Also, we may get a closer look at the inner workings of the Knights of Ren such as their hierarchy, philosophy, and dark side powers. I have a feeling that Kylo Ren may have been a small sample of what the Knights of Ren are capable of.

As for the Jedi, we will see more of Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedi. In the Original Expanded Universe, Luke Skywalker became a more powerful Jedi than Yoda ever was. If this version of Luke will be anything like his Original Expanded Universe version, then we will see the wrath of God personified as he unleashes the Force upon the First Order and Knights of Ren. Also, if Luke decides to train Rey, then we will witness her growth as a Force-user and we will have TWO Jedi fighting with the Resistance instead of just one.

These are my main predictions of Episode VIII and I cannot wait to find out if I am right. May the Force be with you . . . always.


I have completed something that has always been on my bucket list, going to a midnight premiere of a Star Wars film! Even better, my family and I stood at the very front of the line, which made the experience complete! As for the film itself, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was anything and everything I had hoped for and more! Because I am a devout fanboy, I noticed a number of references to the original Expanded Universe that Disney scrapped. The film was pure nostalgia, reminding me of the original trilogy in countless ways. I look forward to Episode VIII, which is one and a half years away, which will be an eternity for me because I am starving for more Star Wars. When I saw the original cast appear, I cheered maniacally with the rest of the audience. Also, there will be plot twists that you will never see coming and the villain Kylo Ren is probably the most conflicted Star Wars villain since Darth Vader himself. I recommend this film to anyone even if you are not a Star Wars fan. It will blow you away! May the Force be with you, always.


I saw the first trailer for the new Star Wars film that comes out next year and I am pleasantly surprised with how it looks so far.  Because Disney rebooted the entire Expanded Universe, we do not know what to expect, but because I am such a devout Star Wars fan my mind is overflowing with different theories about what might happen.  For example, I have a few theories about this mysterious new villain. Because Disney rebooted the entire Expanded Universe, we do not know whether or not the Sith truly died with Vader and the Emperor. I believe like The Force Unleashed, either Vader or the Emperor could have had a secret apprentice that survived the Battle of Endor. I heard rumors that the Inquisitor from Rebels may have some connection to this villain, so maybe he was trained by the Inquisitor. Another theory revolves around Darth Maul, whose ultimate fate remains a mystery as a result of the Son of Dathomir comics. Sure, Sidious killed Maul’s apprentice and destroyed his power base, but over fifty years have passed since then so that would be plenty of time for Darth Maul to train a new apprentice and rebuild his power base.  This one of many theories I have in mind and I am looking forward to hearing more information about this film.






Last week, I attended a Comikaze Afterparty in Hollywood that was hosted by my good friends the Winner Twins, authors of The Strand Prophecy.  I was glad that I was invited by the Twins and once I entered the event, I felt an overwhelming sense of kinship that I had not experienced since Wondercon.  There were dozens of people who were into the same things I was: science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, anime/manga, etc.  Also, there were at least three other people who had autism, so it felt great to interact with others who share my condition, which made me feel less alone.  While at the party, I talked with the other guests about everything from Star Wars, anime/manga, and how they knew the Winner Twins.  I was definitely among my people and I could have talked about those subjects all night.  Finally, I was able to talk to people who understand what the heck I am talking about.