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I have reached the nineteenth chapter of my space opera book and things are getting very gritty. I have returned the story to the battle that is taking place on the planet’s surface. It is starting to look like a space version of the Alamo. There will also be a gunfight in a government building and a POV section that focuses on civilians. Basically, the intensity of this battle is being cranked to 11 with each chapter I write and I am aiming to make the battle end with a bang.


I have reached the eighteenth chapter of my space opera book and have reached the 100 page marker. I am in the middle of portraying the epic battle that is taking place. There will be traps, betrayals, twists, and turns. A single factor of this battle can change on a dime. This battle has more moving parts than any conflict I have ever written. Not even the medieval battles in my fantasy books are this complex. I am looking forward to seeing each section of the battle unfold.


In my space opera book, there will be a weapon that is capable of wiping out entire fleets. Such a weapon could win a space battle by itself. You could assemble the largest and most powerful armada in existence and this weapon will still turn it into space dust. What would you do if you encountered such a weapon? This weapon will be one of the main obstacles the main characters will face and it will play a larger role in the series.


Today, I have written 20 pages and counting in a single day! Seven Hells, it was a glorious day! Once I started writing, I could not stop. It was like I was struck by lightning and was energized by it. I have written the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth chapters of my space opera book. I have also reached the 90 page marker and am nearing the 100th. I have been writing a very complex battle that takes place from multiple points of view. I have done it this way because in real life a battle does not take place from one point of view. It takes place from many points of view. This battle will be fought from many fronts. One will be a space battle, one will be fought along a domed city’s walls, one will be fought inside of an enemy flagship, and one will be fought inside of a government building. The outcome of all these pieces of the battle will decide the fate of an entire planet.


I have reached the 70 page marker and fourteenth chapter of my space opera book. The battle I have been building towards has finally begun! This battle will be full of more twists and turns than the ones I wrote before. Each of my major characters will have significant roles to play in the battle and not all of them will survive when the dust settles. It will be like the Battle of Winterfell in Game of Thrones where you do not know who will die until it’s too late. I will be going for that feeling as I write the battle when it unfolds.


I have started the thirteenth chapter of my space opera book. In this chapter, you will receive a gritty glimpse of the main villain’s brutality. If you possessed psychic powers, how would you punish your subordinates? Also, the preparations for the coming invasion will be revealed as the planet’s leaders fear the worst. Overall, this chapter will frighten you and provide mental stimulation as the story unfolds.


I have written the eleventh chapter of my space opera book and am starting the twelfth chapter. These characters will give you a chance to better understand each of the characters as they interact with one another. Each character has their own thoughts about the invasion that is coming and their own ways of coping with it. You get to see it in full display, which will increase your connection with the characters. I am making sure my readers will get the best sense of the characters before the end of the story. I am also reaching the 60 page marker in the manuscript. It has been a very productive week and I look forward to where the story will go.


I have reached the tenth chapter of my new space opera story. Here is where things start to become more political. Political intrigue is one of the main themes of space opera stories since you get to see things from the point of view of interstellar governments. We get to see the political infrastructure of a planet as the characters prepare for an upcoming battle. The seeds of a serious plot twist have been planted. In addition, you will get more insight into the mindsets of some of the characters. Overall, this is a fun chapter to work with and I look forward to tinkering with it more.


I have started the ninth chapter of my space opera story and things are starting to pick up. An army is being recruited, a fleet is being assembled, and a city is being fortified. Overall, this chapter will give you a little glimpse of the weapons and warships the defenders will deploy as they defend a strategically important star system. It is going to be so much fun to write as the story progresses. Later in the story, I will be depicting two epic battles: one fought in space and one fought on the planet’s surface. The outcome of one of these battles will decide the outcome of the entire campaign. It is going to be fantastic and epic!


I have started the eighth chapter of my ongoing space opera book. Here is where I start introducing the morally ambiguous characters. For these characters, I have taken inspiration from war veterans who suffer from PTSD, doomsday preppers, and crime syndicates. These characters will be a combination of all these things. Like traumatized war veterans, these characters will be battle-hardened warriors and yet a part of them never left the battlefield. Like doomsday preppers, these characters will be taking extensive preparations for a worst case scenario such as a planetary invasion. Like crime syndicates, they have contacts with smugglers, pirates, and arms dealers that allow them to stockpile weapons and warships as well as other equipment. Overall, my main characters are beginning to tumble down the rabbit hole as they enter the underworld. This is when the lines of right and wrong become blurred.