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For the past few days, I have been building a potential idea to include in my third fantasy book. With magic returning to the world with a vengeance, a new army would be required in the new age. This army will consist of not knights, but warrior sorcerers. I am thinking of drawing inspiration from both the Knights Templar and Shaolin Monks when creating this mystical army.


I am planning to include a very big plot line to my third fantasy book. After the Dark Death plague ravaged the Empire and the Sword of Power was lost, magic mostly disappeared and most of the bloodlines of Druid sorcerers lost their power. Only two Druid bloodlines kept their power, but they were shadows of their former selves. This absence of magic had been going on for over three hundred years until the Sword of Power was rediscovered in Numen the Slayer. This along with other factors will lead to a resurgence in magic and the Empire will never be the same again. I will be seeing a magic show in Las Vegas in two weeks so that should give me some ample inspiration.


What happens when you combine magic and technology? The end result is complex machinery that is powered by sorcery instead of electricity or nuclear power. Imagine building an army of metallic soldiers that are given life by magic. Such soldiers would be immune to conventional medieval weapons such as swords and axes. Now, think of a type of bomb that is fueled by magic that is powerful enough to destroy castles. It would be a fantasy equivalent of a neutron bomb! These innovations will look like something out of a steampunk universe, but they will be powered by magic instead of steam. As factions grow in strength and power thanks to sorcery, new abilities to wage war will be invented that would ravage the land. I will be exploring this in greater detail in my fantasy series.



In the film Annihilation, I was introduced to a new concept of mass mutation. There was an alien energy field called the Shimmer, which mutated every life form in its area of influence. Some of these changes were small and subtle while others were extreme and grotesque. After developing the setting for my new fantasy book, I had a brain wave. Early in the project I included a strong source of magic lingering in the largest forest south of Storuuk. Now, I am thinking of giving this source of magic even greater influence in its surrounding environment than I originally planned. After nearly two decades, the source would mystically transform every plant and animal in the forest. Creatures such as fairies, goblins, and trolls as well as many others would emerge as a result of the source’s mystical influence. Even the humans who are either desperate or foolish enough to enter the forest are changed by the source’s magic. Over time, people in the surrounding towns and villages would think the forest is cursed and avoid it unless they have no other choice.



I like the idea of being reincarnated and live an infinite number of lives in various vessels. I am thinking of applying this concept in my fantasy series. In most fantasy stories I have experienced, whenever a sorcerer dies that is the end of their story. However, what if when they die their spirit leaves their human body and becomes reincarnated into a great beast of magic? For example, if the sorcerer in question was good then they would be reincarnated into something magnificent like a wolf that is larger than any bear or an eagle with feathers as colorful as a peacock’s. But if they are evil, they would be reincarnated into monstrous abominations such as flying gargoyles that could snatch away women and children to feed or large demonic snakes with acidic venom that could melt through armor. The possible new forms a deceased sorcerer could take would be limitless.



Easily one of the darkest forms of magic is blood magic. As its name suggests this sorcery is fueled by blood. The more blood you sacrifice the more powerful the magic becomes. In order to truly master blood magic, you need blood from someone you love, blood from someone you hate, and blood from yourself. I will be featuring blood magic in my fantasy series and it will be used to perform unnatural and unholy feats.