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Recently, I revisited the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and I was reintroduced to this song: Hellfire. In this scene, the villain, Judge Claude Frollo, is suffering from an inner conflict between his beliefs and his lust for the heroine Esmeralda. Throughout the song, he pleads the Virgin Mary for salvation yet cannot let go of his desire for Esmeralda or his hatred towards gypsies. I found the Latin chanting and haunting choir music in the background to be chillingly exhilarating. Overall, Hellfire is a song of lust, sin, and damnation. It is by far the best villain song Disney ever produced because the evil and villainy Judge Frollo represents actually exists in the real world: a madman and zealot in a position of power who is willing to abuse his authority to achieve his own ends and unlike other Disney villains he does not require dark magic or monsters to pursue his goals. Still, the haunting music, atmosphere, and religious elements of this scene gave me much to think about for the religious scene I mentioned in my previous posts for my second fantasy book. Just as Judge Frollo was conflicted by his beliefs, hatred for gypsies, and lust for Esmeralda, my main character will suffer an inner conflict that puts him at odds with his beliefs and uncompromising hatred towards his father. My main character’s inner struggle will revolve around wrath, sin, and damnation like the backstory of a Shakespeare play.


Allow me to share a folk song in Numen the Slayer, The Gold Phoenix Rises:

The Skull, Ox, and Stars stand with pride, for their shame they can never hide.
Wounded by grief, the last Phoenix flew,
Its flock all but through.

With flames of vengeance, the Phoenix soared. To his enemies below, he fiercely
roared. One after another, the strongholds fell for they had been sent to Hell.

Then the False God laughs with malice as he claims his prize. The Skull, Ox, and Stars all meet their demise. They cry out for salvation, but cannot escape their damnation.

The Gold Phoenix rises through blood and fire, for all will feel his ire. All beasts of the north kneel to their new master out of fear of grim disaster.


I realized that a good fantasy book would not be complete without a good folk song. In medieval times, songs were not just about festivities. They were also a way to tell stories from generation to generation. I am in the process of brainstorming the lyrics of such a song for my fantasy book. In order to write the song, I will be utilizing some of the poetry skills I acquired during my recent college classes. This song will be written by the end of the first volume and immortalize a significant event that happens in the middle of the story.