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I watched the premiere episode of Westworld and I must say that I am completely intrigued by the overall theme and possibilities it presents. In many ways, it reminds me of a combination between Blade Runner and Jurassic Park. The Blade Runner elements are the fact that this show features emotionally unstable androids that are indistinguishable from humans. The Jurassic Park elements are the fact that this is a futuristic theme park that could go horribly wrong. Androids that are becoming self-aware in a theme park is a recipe for disaster and I look forward to seeing how these biomechanical beings will evolve as the show progresses.



I saw the Blue Man Group tonight and here is my review about it. The show was a clever blend between subtle humor, surprising props, and masterful special effects. The finale alone was very explosive with an elaborate combination of confetti, ribbons, lights, and giant beach balls flying in every direction. I must say that they know how to entertain their audience and make them laugh with a straight face and without saying a word. It is a show that completes the Las Vegas experience and is recommended to anyone who is seeking a unique thrill.