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I have always been interested in the mystic arts because magic as a concept transcends the laws of physics as we know them. In almost every fantasy story a mage has someone to train them in the use of magic. However, I was always interested in the idea if a mage had no teacher and that their usage of magic was purely instinctual and self-taught. For instance, the sorcerer in question would have all mystical knowledge in the universe crammed inside of their heads. They would be able to understand bits and pieces of it gradually and learn to use certain spells on their own, but without a teacher it would take the magician years or even decades to fully decipher and master the knowledge that has been stuffed in their brains.

This is the origin story of Kelly Vaughn in my short stories. In the aftermath of volume three of my main series, she was granted all mystical knowledge in the universe and has great difficulty understanding the power she had gained. Within a day, she instinctively learned basic spells such as energy manipulation, enhancing physical abilities, and even an imperfect resurrection.

In the fourth and final volume of my main series, Kelly will encounter Tinisha, the last elf. Due to Tunisia’s superior experience with magic, she will serve as a formal mentor to Kelly as the story progresses. With a teacher by her side, Kelly will be able to decipher her knowledge faster. To learn the full details of Kelly’s origin story, click here.

In addition, I am thinking of creating another character who would undergo a similar process in my sequel spinoff series.



I have new short story ideas to pursue in the future. One of the them will depict the origins of the cyborg supervillain, Cyber Shadow. Due to the fact that he is based on the various bullies who traumatized me for seven years, he is my least favorite of my creations. However, despite my dislike of the character, I feel he still deserves an origin story and how he made a comeback after his first defeat. We know how he became a cyborg in the first volume of my series, The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell, but we have yet to find out how he became the sadistic, psychopathic bully and then to the homicidal serial killer we all know and hate. In general, Cyber Shadow’s life is one of hatred, vengeance, childhood trauma, and shell-shocking insanity. I hope to elaborate on his life story in one of my future short stories.


How does a supervillain spend his vacation? Ask Vogan in this sample from The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Supreme Deity:

“In the present day, Vogan was seated in a high-class restaurant that was stationed along one of Venice’s many canals. To the eyes of everyone around him, Vogan possessed the appearance of a successful young member of a very wealthy. He wore a customized tuxedo that was black with gold lining with a pair of opera gloves on his hands. In order to conceal his inhuman eyes, Vogan projected a telepathic illusion that made his normally white eyes look like blue human eyes.

Once Vogan was settled at his table, his waitress blushed and said in Italian, “We are honored to have you again, Mr. Damien. Do you wish for the usual?”

Providing a welcoming smile, Vogan replied in equally eloquent Italian, “I am willing to expand my horizons. I am thinking of having the lobster tortellini with white wine cream sauce along with the opera torte for dessert. To drink, I will have the 1989 Chateau Lafite.”

Her eyes affectionately glittering, the waitress said, “Right away, Mr. Damien.”

Then the waitress left Vogan alone with his thoughts. A sense of amusement came from the young woman’s apparent attraction toward him. By comparison, neohumans were considerably more attractive than human beings.

The disguise Vogan was using was one of his favorite aliases, Victor Damien, a philanthropist who regularly visited the most cultured places in the world. Examining the humans who surrounded him, Vogan was consumed with mixed emotions toward their species. While he did hold an unimaginable hatred towards them, Vogan acknowledged the more positive aspects of their achievements. With that in mind, Vogan’s sophisticated alias allowed him to indulge in the beautiful elements of human culture.

Examining the elegant architecture of the building, Vogan simultaneously used his telepathy to observe the thoughts and feelings of everyone in the city. As expected, the sudden increase in the neohuman population Vogan caused resulted in a surge of controversy in the human community. He could sense a thick mixture of hope and hatred emanating from the minds of countless people. In many ways, this did not surprise Vogan since the same event occurred when he was born thousands of years earlier.

When his wine arrived, Vogan contemplated a conversation he had, while he enjoy the rich liquid swirling in his mouth . . .


Here is a sample from one of my Kindle short stories, The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Supreme Deity, which depicts my version of living damnation:

“Displaying a deceptively serene smile, Vogan declared, “Oh, I’m not going to kill you, Tubal-Cain. For years, I had sensed all of the pain, misery, and grief you and your bloodline had caused, both directly and indirectly. Have you ever once wondered what it would be like to be in your victims’ position? Do you even understand how much evil you, your bloodline, and followers had created?”

“To answer your question, I am not going to kill you at all. Instead, I am not only going to force you to understand the absolute wrongness of your crimes. In addition, I am going to force you to experience the combined anguish that you and your failed civilization have caused.”

After those words, Vogan utilized his maximum telepathic power on Tubal-Cain’s mind. Within moments, Tubal-Cain screamed in a way that resembled a damned soul that was being eviscerated repeatedly for its sins. For what seemed like an eternity, Tubal-Cain never stopped screaming and twitched uncontrollably as he hung in Vogan’s telekinetic grip.

Suddenly, without warning, Tubal-Cain’s screaming ceased and became motionless with a blank expression on his disfigured face. It was then that Vogan realized Tubal-Cain’s mind had been destroyed by the completely overwhelming torrent of unimaginable anguish.

After grunting in frustration, Vogan said, “Oh, no! I’m not done with you yet!”

Using his telepathy, Vogan reached into the fragments of Tubal-Cain’s mind and methodically pieced them back together. When the job was done, Tubal-Cain gasped and panted heavily.

Staring into Tubal-Cain’s frightened eyes, Vogan whispered, “Your punishment is only beginning.”

Then, Vogan unleashed the same tidal wave of damnation into Tubal-Cain’s already broken mind and Tubal-Cain screamed once more . . .”


Here is a sample from one of my short stories, The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Supreme Deity:

“When night fell, Vogan found himself sitting inside of a large opera house that was positioned in the middle of Venice. The building was modeled after an ancient gladiatorial arena with candles lighting the aisles. At the center of the theatre, an orchestra played music that warmed the souls of the attendants, while actors were portraying an opera based on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

As he observed the play, Vogan was experiencing complex emotions that throbbed within every fiber of his being. Since it was first invented, Vogan had always felt a passion for the arts. It was one of the positive aspects of human culture that Vogan identified. Due to being as old as human civilization itself, Vogan witnessed the creation of countless forms of art, ranging from paintings, plays, and sculptures, among other things.

Whenever his duties with the Black Pantheon were not needed, Vogan would indulge in experiencing these wonders. However, a deep sadness crept into his mind whenever he considered the possibility of all that beauty and elegance disappearing forever. With this thought in mind, Vogan was determined to save every piece of art he could as part of his plan.

Returning his attention to the opera, Vogan felt a connection with the protagonist, Dante. They were both men who cared so deeply for the women they love that they would move heaven and earth for them. In Vogan’s mind, Katorra had always been his personal Beatrice. At the thought of this, Vogan’s mind drifted to the distant past once more . . .”